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Woman left furious after husband quits his job and says she has to support him financially

Woman left furious after husband quits his job and says she has to support him financially

This wife is reaching her breaking point

A woman has been left frustrated and furious with her partner after he announced he had quit his job and wanted her to 'support' him financially.

The anonymous wife isn't sure where to turn after her husband's unexpected announcement.

Posting her dilemma to Mumsnet, she shared that she had already explained her concerns, but her husband just 'doesn't seem to understand' what the problem is.

One woman was left blindsided when her husband told her he had quit his job.
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In the post to the online forum, the woman asked if it was unreasonable for her 'to be fuming that DH [darling husband] has quit his job without another job to go to'.

She explained: "He's just told me this evening that he handed in his notice yesterday, his sole reason being that his department (he’s the head of department) is going to have a flat budget for the next three years.

"He’s saying he wants me to 'support' (basically pay for everything and all the bills) him financially until he finds a 'similar job', it could be years until he finds a similar job as jobs like the one he was in don’t come about often.

"I'm absolutely furious but DH doesn’t seem to understand why even though I've explained it to him.

"I don't think a flat budget is an acceptable reason for him to quit with no other job to go to and then to only tell me 24 hours later."

The wife couldn't understand why her husband would quit without consulting her.
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Thankfully, the people of the internet came in their droves to offer this frustrated wife some advice - and it's not looking good for her partner.

One user commented: "He needs to be employed in any job he can find while he hunts for a career job.

"Something that involves weekend or shift work so he is still free for interviews.

"And you have every right to fume. Financial decisions are a joint decision."

A second agreed: "Yeah... no. That's not a legit reason to quit your job without another one lined up.

"Fine to start job-searching, not fine to just quit. I'd be livid."

A third person suggested: "I'd tell him he has a month (if you can afford to) to look for a similar job then he needs to stock shelves, work at McDonald's, etc.

People suggested that the wife should make her husband get a basic job to make ends meet.
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"Also tell him he in that month [needs] to do domestic chores and childcare."

Offering a similar suggestion, another commented: "Set a deadline for him earning something.

"He can be in a warehouse or pub job, or cleaning by the end of next week.

"I'd give him to the end of the month. I hope you don't have a joint account. He is taking the mick."

What do you think? Did this husband cross a line with his partner, or is he right to depend on his wife to 'support' him?

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