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Woman lets friend breastfeed her baby so she can have 'a few drinks'

Woman lets friend breastfeed her baby so she can have 'a few drinks'

The mum said she trusted her friend to breastfeed her baby, after she'd had a few drinks.

A woman on TikTok has revealed that she let her friend breastfeed her baby, after she'd had 'a few drinks'.

TikToker @gregariously_grace shared a video online of her friend breastfeeding, captioning the clip: “When you’re a few drinks in so you let your friend nurse your baby.”

You can watch the TikTok below:

Grace later followed up in a second video explaining: "My friend has a seven-month old. Her baby is out of state for the weekend.

“I let her nurse him to strengthen his immune system and also to relieve her.

“It is absolutely OK to drink and nurse, if you’re feeling sober enough to drive you can nurse. I trust her to breastfeed my baby because she breastfeeds her own."

Other TikTokers were divided over the video, with some thinking it was a great idea.

One person wrote: "I think this is really beautiful. It truly does take a village!"

While another added: "& a good way to keep her supply up while she's away from her baby. I would 100% do this for my friends."

And a third added: "I love this so much. Women are so powerful. This is beautiful."

A fourth shared their own experience, adding: "When we would run out of my nephew's formula I would nurse him until my sister would pick him up. He was 13 days younger than my son."

Others disagreed however, with one adding: "Nope my baby more important than drinks."

While another said: "Wow I'm surprised how many people support this, not sure I'd be keen but fair enough!"

According to the NHS website, if you are planning on drinking and you are also breastfeeding, you could try avoiding feeding for two to three hours for each drink.

They explain: "If you do intend to have a social drink, you could try avoiding breastfeeding for 2 to 3 hours for every drink you have to avoid exposing your baby to any alcohol in your milk.

"This allows time for the alcohol to leave your breast milk. You'll need to make sure breastfeeding is established before you try this."

You can find more info here.

People were divided on the topic.
Anusorn Sutapan/Alamy Stock Photo

Meanwhile, despite a recent American Academy of Pediatrics survey revealing that 50 percent of 650 mothers were not concerned about the safety of sharing breast milk, the AAP does not encourage it due to the risk of spreading disease, as well as the exposure to medications, alcohol, drugs, or other contaminants.

You can read more here.

Featured Image Credit: AlessandroBiascioli/Alamy Stock Photo TikTok: @gregariously_grace

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