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Woman found emotional letter she wrote to herself that was hidden in Christmas decorations

Woman found emotional letter she wrote to herself that was hidden in Christmas decorations

She was so happy at the actions of her past self

Christmas letters are a much-loved tradition for many around the world.

This is especially the case for children, who are encouraged to write letters to Santa, letting him know what they're hoping for as presents. But this woman had a very different message for herself:

These letters often have a lot of sentimental value for people, and one woman was left in stitches after finding one she wrote to herself the year before.

Unlike children's letters, this one was a bit explicit, but hilarious all the same, and it was a total hit when she shared herself opening it to TikTok.

Katie said at the start of the video: "So last year, and I completely forgot about this, I did myself a little envelope and put it in with the Christmas tree when I put it away in my loft."

The letter came complete with a £10 note, and it read: "Dear me, well done for putting the tree up.

"Now go and treat yourself to a bottle of vodka.

"Don't get stressed this year, it's one day. Don't feel guilty about anything, it's your life.

"And if you can't afford that extra present, tough. Don't bust your balls trying to buy it."

Then things got really funny.

The letter continued: "Work will probably be s**t right now, and I'm sorry.

"But it can't get any worse than last year, right?"

Katie said the letter made her so happy.
TikTok / @katielouisehaycock

She then reminded herself that she can handle whatever life throws at her, writing: "You've got this, you badass f**king legend."

Katie wrote over the video: "Aww I just made myself happy."

Reacting to the video, one viewer wrote: "A tenner for a bottle of vodka lol. I absolutely love this though and will be doing this. Thank you for the absolutely amazing idea."

"I'd of been dragging the tree out a week later," joked a second while a third remarked: "I'm going to have to do this for next year!! Love it!!!"

"Why did this make me cry?" questioned a fourth.

"Hope you bought the vodka," remarked a fifth, which prompted Katie to reply: "I have vodka in already, treated myself to some heating instead."

"I love this but if you don't remember doing it how bad has your year been [sic]," remarked a sixth, before advising. "Stay off the voddie."

Katie saw the funny side to this comment and admitted that it's been a tough year.

Have you ever written a letter to yourself? If not, this is a brilliant idea that the future you will appreciate!

Featured Image Credit: @katielouisehaycock / TikTok

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