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People Divided As Woman Asks For Vasectomy Proof On Tinder After Roe v Wade Overruling

People Divided As Woman Asks For Vasectomy Proof On Tinder After Roe v Wade Overruling

The overturning of Roe v Wade has prompted some Americans to take extra precautions when dating.

Roe v Wade's overturning has prompted many people to call on men to get reversible vasectomies now that abortion is illegal for millions of Americans.

Now, one woman has divided the internet by updating her Tinder bio to read: "VASECTOMIES REQUIRED."

Instead of providing more information about herself and what she's looking for, the 31-year-old continued: "After the events of 6/24/22, proof of vasectomies will be required before engaging in any sexual relations."

Friday 24 June was the day that the Supreme Court voted to overrule Roe v Wade, which has, generally speaking, protected the rights of women in America to have terminations.

Tinder after Roe V Wade.

However, when the woman's Tinder profile made its way onto social media, people were divided about her requirement, to say the least.

One person wrote: "I don't blame her. All single women who don't want accidental babies should require this. Condoms break, the pill [is] not 100%. An abortion gets you jail time in some states."

Another suggested an alternative safeguard.

They wrote: "This is all very simple. All potential partners must provide a current credit score of 700+, have a job that is 3x child support, first and last month's payment.

"When a wanting party can produce all of these and fill out the application form with a non refundable $50 filing fee THEN the panties come off [sic]."

Americans are campaigning for abortion rights.

However, not everyone thought it was a fair request of potential partners.

"Thank you for removing yourself from the gene pool," slammed a social media user.

"Imagine if a man told you he would only sleep with you if you got your tubes tied. Sounds pretty entitled and immature," added another.

Some even went as far as to insult the woman's appearance because... the internet.

Then there were those who hit back at the Tinder user's critics with some facts about vasectomies.

"Women have been altering our hormones, taking contraceptives, and undergoing surgical sterilisation for many decades and now there is a safe option for men with a higher success rate and you're acting like that's too much to ask," wrote one. "Y'all are entitled and immature [sic]."

Another pointed out that men on Tinder can be just as selective when dating, writing: "Men do this all the time in their dating profiles, 'no fat chicks, no single mothers, etc...'"

An abortion rights campaign.

But the most relevant comments arguably came from this commentator who directed everyone's attention back to the Supreme Court.

"Everyone is so busy pointing fingers at one another for this and that, they forget that we're not the ones passing the laws," they wrote.

Do you think this woman's Tinder request was fair?


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