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Woman defends relationship after people accused her boyfriend of having a 'disability fetish'

Woman defends relationship after people accused her boyfriend of having a 'disability fetish'

Alex and Noah fell in love after meeting on Bumble

It's 2023, love is love, and as long as no one's getting hurt or doing anything illegal, we should all learn to stay out of other people's relationships.

Unfortunately, digital creator Alex Dacy, from Michigan, US, has still found herself having to defend her relationship from trolls simply because she's in a wheelchair and her boyfriend Noah isn't.

The couple met on Bumble, fell in love and have since gone on to welcome a baby together, with Alex describing herself online as 'not your average disabled mom, I’M A COOL MOM'.

If you know, you know.

Alex and Noah met on Bumble.

Alex has a rare disease called spinal muscular atrophy type two, which causes weakness and difficulty moving.

She uses a wheelchair to help her get around, but her health issues have prompted some people to accuse Noah of having a 'disability fetish'.

Opening up about their relationship to Love Don't Judge, Alex said: "The assumption there is that disabled people aren't sexually appealing."

Noah himself admitted that his family 'felt weird' about him being a relationship with a disabled person, saying they were 'very judgemental', but they eventually came to accept his love with Alex.

When Alex began to share updates about her pregnancy journey online for her followers, she was sadly hit with criticism from some internet users who have said the pregnancy 'should be illegal', or that it was 'just for views' online.

Alex and Noah are trying to end the stigma around their relationship.

She's also had some haters claiming she won't be able to take care of the baby properly, but both she and Noah are determined not to let trolls ruin their joy.

"We're very caring, loving people and we have the resources and love in our hearts to be able to raise a baby," Alex said. "We're very confident in that."

The pair welcomed their new arrival earlier this month, and Alex has continued to share updates with her followers in a bid to 'end the stigma' around relationships involving people with disabilities.

Sharing a snap of her and her newborn daughter, she wrote: "After everything we went through together. Through all the ableist hate saying I won’t be able to hold her or be able to care for her.

"Through the rocky beginning of her NICU stay where I was made to feel like I couldn’t hold her or feed her adequately...Through it all, we are here."

Alex has also said it's been 'truly amazing' to see Noah 'gain confident caring' for their daughter, adding: "The way he takes such care with her… it’s beautiful. Like him getting excited about his improved swaddle skills."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@wheelchair_rapunzel

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