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Woman accused of running over partner with her car after he 'helped himself to her chips'

Woman accused of running over partner with her car after he 'helped himself to her chips'

The man alleges that the dispute happened after he ate some of his partner's food

A woman has been accused of running over her partner after he supposedly 'helped himself to her chips'.

The attack took place in broad daylight in North Adelaide, Australia, when the woman allegedly rammed the man with her car on Melbourne Street.

The man has since pressed charges against his partner due to the whole ordeal.

Charlotte Harrison, 42, is facing charges of aggravated endangering life and driving in a reckless or dangerous manner over the alleged incident with her partner Matthew Finn, 9News Adelaide reports.

The claim has been taken to the Adelaide Magistrates Court, detailing how Finn 'took one of her hot chips' while the two were driving in her car on Sunday (26 February) afternoon.

Speaking to the local news outside the court house, Finn said: "I asked for a chip out of the half chicken and chips salad pack she had.

"I thought she was finished. She'd finished it between Walkerville and North Adelaide which, I guess, is some sort of record."

He continued: "I shouldn't have asked for the chip."

"She came at me once, twice, three times."

"Well, I had a chip," Finn went on, "and she'd pulled over and asked me to get out and jumped back in the car and done what she said she was going to do.

"She came at me once, twice, three times."

Finn claimed that Harrison aimed the vehicle at him and ended up driving into incoming traffic before hitting a power box.

He said: "Straight into a Toyota Yaris, and yeah, the poor girl, she'd be shocked for life. That was the worst part.

"I just jumped straight over - it wasn't much of a jump - straight over into a bit of a lane there, and she just impaled the Subaru."

Harrison has since strongly denied the claims made against her in court and instead alleged that she was actually driving Finn to the hospital when he began assaulting her inside the car.

According to her testimony, Finn demanded to be let out of the vehicle before he assaulted Harrison.

Her court-appointed solicitor said Harrison had no intention of harming Finn but instead tried to make a U-turn to alert police of the assault.

Harrison is due to return to court this Friday (3 March).
Jill Robb / Alamy

According to the Adelaide Advertiser, Harrison's lawyer told the court she planned to head to the police station when she accidentally hit the accelerator and swerved into oncoming traffic.

"She has seen him run off, she has attempted to do a U-turn to go to the Norwood Police Station," he said.

The solicitor added: "She has, by mistake, stepped on the accelerator rather than the brake and then hit the pole as described in the CCTV footage.

"It's accepted that on viewing the CCTV footage that it might look like there was an attempt to endanger the complainant's life."

Due to Harrison having 'compiled with police' as well as not fleeing the 'scene of the accident', the duty lawyer put forward that she should be entitled bail.

The magistrate has ordered a home detention report for the defendant who will now remain in custody as she waits for the result of her bail application.

Harrison is due back in court this coming Friday (3 March) to find out if her bail application was successful.

Featured Image Credit: 9News

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