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Person kicked out of friend's wedding after they shaved their head

Person kicked out of friend's wedding after they shaved their head

A wedding guest claimed they were disinvited because of their hairstyle

A wedding guest has sparked debate online after revealing they were dumped from the big day because they decided to shave their head.

TikTok user Aysh shared that they were originally supposed to be in the bridal party but, after shaving their head two months before the ceremony, plans were changed.

Showing off their new buzzcut and dancing around for a TikTok video, Aysh wrote: "Me getting kicked out of the bridal party and asked not to go to the wedding bc I shaved my head 2 months before the wedding."

Aysh was dumped from the bridal party for shaving their head.

Aysh then followed up the clip with a screenshot of the bride's reaction to their shaved head.

The message read: "Hey hey, could you please get a wig for my wedding."

When the video went viral on TikTok, Aysh provided some further details for gobsmacked viewers.

"BTW I said I did not feel comfortable wearing a wig. ALSO the cost of a wig especially for one day when I’d never wear it again is unreasonable," they wrote.

"And I look good I’m not gonna let anyone tell me I need ‘hair’ to suit their wedding I’m better than that."

People had quite a strong reaction to Aysh's predicament - though not everyone was on the same page.

Some viewers confessed that they sided with the bride in this instance.

"Looks amazing but I understand if they don’t want attention away from the bride and groom in the wedding pics if you were in the bridal party," commented one follower.

A second asserted: "Bridesmaid rule number 1: don’t take attention from the bride. She has every right to kick you out."

"I’m with the bride," penned a third. "I’m super meticulous and if my bridesmaid made a major change right before I’d be annoyed."

The bride asked Aysh to wear a wig for her wedding.

And a fourth agreed: "Bride probably wanted focus to be on her instead of on your hair."

But Aysh hit back: "Why on earth would people be focusing on someone’s hair rather than the people getting MARRIED who they’re all there for???"

There were plenty of other viewers who were more than happy to take Aysh's side on this argument, though.

"That screams insecurity on the bride’s part imo. You look amazing bestie," wrote one TikToker.

"People have totally forgotten what the purpose of a wedding is," began a second. "If all the photos are 'perfect' then it's not a historical record of your love."

A third follower suggested: "Having a bridesmaid with a buzz would be so cool though??"

And a fourth revealed: "That sucks. How many people even look at wedding albums a year from the wedding?" to which Aysh replied: "Not even that. Who expects other people to base their life/ appearance over one day?"

What do you think? Is this a wedding no-no? Or is this bride taking it a step too far?

Featured Image Credit: tiktok/@peepeethestinkycat, EpicStockMedia / Alamy Stock Photo

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