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Groomsman furious he can't bring baby to child-free wedding despite being given two-year notice

Groomsman furious he can't bring baby to child-free wedding despite being given two-year notice

The topic sparked a huge conversation on Reddit

While weddings are supposed to be joyous, happy affairs, there’s no denying that all too often they’re bogged down by politics – although usually they’re issues that can be rectified fairly easily.

Didn’t get a plus one? Tough luck! Venue too far away? Make a weekend of it and hire a hotel!

Fed up of spending money on other people’s happiness? That’s life! (Just reuse an old dress and turn up without a gift...)

But what about kids not being invited? Surely that shouldn’t be a problem, so long as you’re given plenty of warning to sort childcare... right?

Not according to one guest, who recently kicked off after finding out his child wouldn’t be allowed along to his friends’ wedding.

A Reddit user who is due to get married in a couple of months shared the story online, saying there would be ‘no babies’ at their wedding, with ‘no exception’.

Some people simply don't want children at their big day.

“I would like to start by saying that I do not hate babies per se, but I just don't want them in any sort of vicinity of myself,” they explained.

“My partner and I have been planning our wedding for 2 years. We sent our save the dates 2 years ago, and invites last year. On both of those, to avoid even a hint of confusion, it said no kids, no exceptions.

“On our wedding website, when RSVP'ing, I left a friendly hint to book childcare or petsitters now to avoid having to cancel later on. We reminded them that it is a late event with mature music and themes, and children are not invited or catered for.

“It is currently less than 2 months until our wedding. My partner's long time friend and groomsman today asked him about highchairs and kiddie meals. He isn’t as ruthless as I am and was like oh... I'll ask.

“His friend has said ‘Well if my baby can't come neither can we, who on earth will look after him?’.

“I was like ‘Oh that's such a shame you can't make it, never mind’.

“My partner’s now absolutely furious that I'm not allowing his best friend to come to the wedding. I reminded him that his friend is absolutely welcome but his child is not.”

To prove their point, the Reddit user proceeded to share a list of everything the child did while in their back yard a few weeks ago at a BBQ, which are all things that didn’t help the family’s cause:

  • Crying because he couldn't drink the dog's pool water
  • Screaming because he dropped a bit of bread on the floor and wasn't allowed to eat it, and because he wasn’t allowed into the kitchen while I was handling knives and hot food
  • Dropping the rest of his food and snack wrappers on the lawn
  • Irritating the dog
  • Pulling all my plants up and shaking them
  • Pulling all my solar lights up or off the fence
  • Having an adult running round after him the entire time while we were trying to drink and socialise

They continued: “If he's like that outdoors for a couple of hours, I am filled with dread to think what he's like on a full day indoors at a hectic wedding.

Many people sided with the Reddit user.
Sergio Infantes Gª/Pixabay

“The groomsman (kid's dad) said he would pay for the plants and the lights, but still hasn't. I am refusing to budge and my partner says I'm being extremely selfish and inconsiderate.

“Of course I am, it's my wedding day and its the one day in my life I'm entitled to be. I have to deal with screaming kids and babies every day at work, I am putting my foot down but so is he.”

Many other Redditors sided with the couple, with one saying: "They always ask this type of question so you'll volunteer free minder service. Or 'well, what are WE supposed to do??' My answer is always: 'That is entirely your responsibility. You're the parent.'"

Someone else agreed: "The groomsmen is an a**hole. He didn’t ask if he could bring the larva. He just asked about what special accommodations his pupa could expect.

"Hubs should have given him the heave ho right then. “This isn’t a time or place for the kids. If you can’t find anyone anywhere to watch him for one evening, that’s on you, not me. Your child is welcome at any number of events except this one. Do not bring your child to this event.”

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