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Women Have Started Using Vagina Perfume In A Bid To Attract Potential Dates

Women Have Started Using Vagina Perfume In A Bid To Attract Potential Dates

The viral technique apparently has impressive results.

Dating in the age of the apps is no mean feat, but if you've got a vagina, there could be a surprising solution.

It is what's known as 'vabbing', and apparently this technique - which we seriously doubt you'll have heard of - can help attract a mate. Watch below:

Vabbing involves rubbing discharge from your vagina on your body and treating it like nature's perfume.

In case it wasn't already obvious enough, the word vabbing is a combination of 'vagina' and 'dabbing'.

The bizarre technique has been doing the rounds on TikTok, where women are claiming that it's having surprisingly successful results.

They are also sharing their own particular ways of extracting nature's perfume.

TikTok users are sharing vabbing techniques.
TikTok / oldloserinbrooklyn

There's actually science behind vabbing too - namely, that of pheromones which are used in animals of all species to attract a mate.

While we all have natural pheromones, those in favour of vabbing think that it gives your pheromones a better chance of working their magic.

Explaining the technique, TikToker @jewlieah said that there are some rules to vabbing.

These include the rule that anywhere that's been vabbed shouldn't come into contact with anyone else.

You shouldn't do it if you have an STD or are menstruating, and you should make sure that you've had a shower beforehand.

She explained that you don't necessarily need a lot of discharge to vab.

The secretions are typically applied behind a person's ears and to their wrists.

Jewlieah has been putting vabbing to the test on her TikTok, and in one video, she implied that it helped her successfully have a liaison with an ex.

In another, she claimed that it prompted men to buy her free drinks and gifts.

"Vabbing 100 percent works," she said.

"I got offered two free drinks at the pool and then a guy literally came back and gave me this," she added before showing off a haircare gift set.

This TikToker claims vabbing changed her life.
TikTok / jewlieah

However, while 'vabtok' is now a thing, not everyone has had a positive response to the technique.

"I am NEVER hugging anyone again," wrote one social media user while another added: "I am staying at least five meters away from everyone from now on. What is wrong with you guys?"

A third tweeted: "Just learned what vabbing is on TikTok and all I have to say is pls bring back shame and discretion."

What do you think of vabbing? Is it something you'd be willing to try?

Featured Image Credit: Andor Bujdoso / Alamy Stock Photo TikTok/@oldloserinbrooklyn

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