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Woman says she doesn't care if future kids get bullied for unusual names

Woman says she doesn't care if future kids get bullied for unusual names

TikToker @SkatePrew shared the unusual baby names she hopes to use for her future kids

A woman on TikTok has said she doesn’t care if her future kids get bullied for their unusual names, having already decided what she wants to call them.

While some people prefer to go for something more traditional when it comes to naming their children, others like to take things a little more left-field – as TikToker @SkatePrew hopes to do when she has kids, having already earmarked her favourite names.

She outlined her top picks in a recent video, saying in the caption: “Pretending they won’t get bullied on the playground for some of these.”

The Tiktoker shared her top choices in a video.

@SkatePrew explained that she didn’t want ‘boring’ names for her kids, having found ideas that she felt were 'cute' or 'powerful'.

She said: "My biggest flex is that no matter what my kids will not have boring names.

“You might not like the names but they won’t be boring.

“So here are a couple of names I’ve come up with over the years.”

Her first choice for a girl is Briar, which means bramble or a thorny bush of wild roses.

“For girls, my number one is Briar,” @SkatePrew said.

“I love it, I think it’s adorable.”

She also loves the name Rowen, which is either of Irish origin to mean ‘red-haired’, or has an agricultural meaning as reference to the second crop of grass or hay in one season.

@SkatePrew also flagged Cove as a potential moniker for her future daughter, along with Noah, which she thought was ‘so cute’.

“For boys, I have a much shorter list,” she continued.

"Number one for a boy right now is probably Roman. I love that name, I think it’s so powerful."

The TikToker also said she loves the name Zealand after being inspired by the viral LaBrant family.

She said: “This one’s a bit weird, but I love the name Calvary.

"If you can’t tell, I’m a Christian so pretty much all of these names have a Biblical meaning."

She could have picked a more cheerful Biblical name, however, as Calvary is the hill on which Jesus was crucified.

Some users felt slightly confused by the choices, with one writing: "I like Briar but all it reminds me of is a briar patch. She coming out with some thorns huh??"

Someone else wrote: "Imagine going to school and hearing there’s a new kid called Roman. Would be hella scared not going to lie.”

A third said: “I love the name Briar but I also live in the south. My kid would be called Brrr most of their life.”

A few others also said they felt the names weren’t as ‘unique’ as @SkatePrew thought.

“I know kids with 5 of those names,” one said, adding: “They are cute but not unique.”

Another agreed: “I think these are a lot more common than you think haha but still cute!”

But many others said they loved the ideas, with some commenting to say their own kids had the same names.

One said: "I love the name Briar. I got it from sleeping beauty! My baby girl's name is Hallie but if I have another that will definitely be on my list.”

Someone else added: “My daughter’s name is Rowan!! I’m obsessed with it.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@skateprew