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Dad admits he was wrong after not paying daughter’s university fees despite paying brothers'

Dad admits he was wrong after not paying daughter’s university fees despite paying brothers'

He wasn't happy about the subject she chose

A dad has admitted he was wrong after refusing to pay his daughter’s university fees even though he footed the bill for both his sons. Yep, seems pretty wrong to me.

The unnamed dad originally took to Reddit to ask if he was the a**hole for telling his daughter that he wouldn’t be paying for her degree.

The 57-year-old said his daughter Jane, 21, had been accepted into university to do an English degree - so far so good, right?

But he then went on to say that while he and wife were pleased for her they wouldn’t be funding her degree - even though he had paid for both his sons to go.

He explained that after school, Jane said she wasn’t ready to go off to university and had instead wanted to have a little rest before applying, which the dad said consisted of ‘going out with friends and travelling the whole of last year with her boyfriend’, which he and his wife paid for.

The dad said both of his sons had opted for ‘medical degrees and are now very good, well paid doctors', and that he and his wife had made it clear to Jane that if she wanted to apply for university then she should make sure it ‘was for a degree that was worth it’.

The dad said he wouldn’t foot the bill for an English degree.
Pixabay / Andrew Tan

He wrote: “I sat down Jane last night and told her that if she decided to go through with the English degree, I would not support her at all and that she would have to take out her own student loan, at this she began crying claiming that I was the ‘worst dad ever’ and had always favoured her brothers over her (because I had paid for their university fees).”

As you can probably imagine, people did not hold back in telling the dad he was completely in the wrong.

One person said: “If you pay for one kid, you should pay for all kids. And to determine that what she's interested in is "not worth it" is a jerk move. Let your kid study what she wants.”

Another wrote: “Not everyone wants to do a medical degree. It's hard, it's long and it leads you to being a doctor, which isn't for everyone.

Despite paying for his sons’ degrees, the dad said he wouldn’t help out his daughter.
Pixabay / Steve Buissinne

“I totally understand why she says you favour her brothers, this is clear proof of that.”

While a third commented: “What an unbelievable AH [a**hole]. Wtf is wrong with an English degree? You sound controlling AF. Jane is now on the road to no contact if you continue down this path.”

In a follow up post three weeks later, the dad admitted that he was in the wrong and shared that he and his daughter had made up.

He went on: “I realized that I may have been favouring my sons due to their obedience to follow what I asked of them and was punishing Jane for being herself rather than fitting into whatever I decided to make of her.

“Jane will be attending Oxford Uni later in the year to take her degree and the relationship between us has never been better.”

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay / Stanley Morales / Alamy Stock Photo / Panther Media GmbH

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