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TikTokers all have the eerie question for woman who discovered a 'hidden room' inside her home

TikTokers all have the eerie question for woman who discovered a 'hidden room' inside her home

The American mother has documented her discovery on social media

A woman in the States made a chilling discovery inside the walls of her own home earlier this week, that has since left the internet both horrified and baffled.

Documenting her startling find on TikTok whilst renovating her home, she accidentally uncovered a 'secret room' that she didn't know existed, hidden in the home she and her husband had lived in for four years.

Aurora's followers urged her to contact the authorities.

While replacing the carpet in the basement of their US home, Aurora Blazingstar - who shared her story on TikTok (@kids_up_in_here) - and her husband soon came across a sliding drywall pocket door, which opened to reveal a secret room.

In one of the now viral series of videos she uploaded, she can be seen turning the camera to show a dark grey door with a weak metal hatch.

Another shows her husband opening the door to reveal a small, square room inside, complete with lighting and electricity.

"Oh, my God!" she can be heard exclaiming. "What the f**k? We have never seen this in our house and we have lived here for four years. This must be some kind of bomb shelter of something."

Despite Aurora and her husband's various suggestions, hundreds of users - who have seemingly been left horrified by the discovery - urged the mother to alert the authorities to the room - with some even suggesting that a crime could have taken place within the walls.

The room was totally hidden.

"It's 100% not a bunker, maybe a grow room but theres a real chance that 1 or more crimes were committed here and instead of calling the cops you're joking about it online," one hit out in the comments.

A third added: "I would honestly contact police bc of that outside lock. You never know what cold cases are in the area."

While some agreed that the room may have been used as a bunker of some kind, others suggested that the space may have been used to store guns, and a few believed that it could have been used as a room to grow marijuana.

Amongst the speculation, however, there's one particular question about the mysterious room that hundreds of Aurora's followers have been dying to know since she posted her original video.

In a follow-up clip posted this week, the mother-of-two uses a blacklight to check whether any substances - like blood or urine - have been splashed against the walls of the room.

Thankfully, she tells her followers that nothing out of the ordinary showed up during her test, but that didn't stop her huge following from noticing a really eerie element to the room.

"Why would a drain be needed? Definitely not just for storage," one penned in the comments.

Another went on: "That drain in the floor isn't suspicious at all.. not even a little"

"the drain is a bit spooky," a third added.

Luckily, Aurora took on the advice of many of her followers, revealing in another follow-up clip that she eventually called her local police to check out the room, who didn't find any causes for concern upon inspecting the property.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@kids_up_in_here

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