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Woman who got world's 'ugliest tattoo' tries not to cry when looking at it

Woman who got world's 'ugliest tattoo' tries not to cry when looking at it

She took to TikTok to open up about the tattoo ordeal

Many people probably have some tattoos we're probably not the most proud of but, for the majority of us, we've learnt how to just accept a few dodgy inkings here and there.

However, for one woman, this is clearly far from the case after claiming she got the world's 'ugliest tattoo' and tries not to cry when looking at it.

Marie Armstrong, who goes by the handle @marieaarm online, took to TikTok to share with her 34k followers a little more about the ordeal.

TikToker, Marie Armstrong, opened up about getting the world's 'ugliest tattoo'.

Marie began by telling viewers: "I've never instantly regretted getting a tattoo until this one I got yesterday.

"Okay, I have a bunch of tattoos, most of my tattoos are on my hands. On my fingers, I have a bunch of like, little critters, whatever."

She went on to explain that 'about a year ago' she got a tattoo of a banana on the side of her index finger and it 'completely faded'.

Marie admitted it was 'pretty normal' for the ink to be faded, adding: "So I know how they are.

"So I expected this, but this one faded, like completely."

She then showed what the tat looked like 'immediately' after she got it.

"Up until I got it redone. It basically completely faded, you could not tell what it was, I didn't even count it as a tattoo I had," Marie went on.

She went to the tattoo shop to get her 'completely faded' banana tattoo redone.

So, when her boyfriend told her he had booked a tattoo appointment with an artist who was 'really good', Marie decided to tag along and get her banana redone.

Now, this is where things went south.

Marie soon realised that the guy who was tattooing her boyfriend was not the same guy who was tattooing her.

Talking about the design she was wanting, the TikToker explained: "You know, it's pretty simple. It's a banana.

"I show him a picture of right when I got the banana done the first time, and he goes ahead and starts free handing, like adding on the rest of the banana to what he can already see and sketching it, which I didn't really expect him to print this stencil because like, you'd have to size it perfectly."

She continued: "So I'm like freehand fine. You're an artist, like this is what you do you know what you're doing?"

The tattoo in question.

However, once the tattoo was complete, Maria was left beyond stunned by what the artist had done.

She told viewers: "I look at it, and I am trying to not cry.

"I actually liked my original banana and I thought it was adorable and you [the tattoo artist] just put the ugliest piece of sh*t on my body ever that I have to live with."

Maria said she was hopeful the botched job would 'fade as much as it did the first time', revealing: "I'm like not taking care of it at all. I'm washing my hands a million times a day and once it starts to scab, I will be peeling the scab off.

"So I'm hoping it just fades as much as it did the first time. But like, I was p*ssed."

She then finally showed the tattoo in question.

"I can't even make this up," Marie hit out. "This is a joke.

"First off, you can't even tell it's a banana. It literally like it is the ugliest thing I've ever seen in my life."

Following the nightmare ink appointment, Marie and her boyfriend got in touch with the tattoo shop owner and sent him pictures of the 'finished result'.

He allegedly told Marie to 'let it heal' and to 'peel the scab off' and then come back to the studio so he could 'fix it' for her.

"I don't know if I'm gonna go back and let him fix it for me or if I'm just gonna go back to my original artists who I should have never cheated on in the first place," Marie concluded.

"But yeah, so I have the world's ugliest banana tattoo on my finger."

Featured Image Credit: Credit: TikTok/mariearm

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