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Woman uninvited from friend’s wedding for 'breaking rules' after spending thousands on the occasion

Woman uninvited from friend’s wedding for 'breaking rules' after spending thousands on the occasion

She was fuming...

From sorting an outfit and travel, to booking accommodation and buying presents - we all know by now that going to a wedding is no cheap excursion.

However, all the money spent is well worth it in the end when you see the two lovebirds share a beautiful moment they'll cherish for the rest of their lives.

But, for one woman, that was far from the case after she was uninvited from her friend's special day - despite attending the hen-do after forking out thousands in the run-up to it. Take a listen:

It all kicked off when Amy Dickinson, 30, shared a snap from the hen party to Instagram before her former best friend did.

Things took an unexpected turn after she unknowingly broke a rule when she shared a photo of the party and was soon slammed for it - despite others doing the same.

The bride’s mum also got involved in the drama, claiming that Amy, from Brisbane, Australia, should have known about the rule without being told.

After a heated argument, Amy was then allegedly kicked out of her hotel room and feared that she could not have access to her flight tickets to travel back home.

Amy Dickinson was uninvited from her best friend's wedding after breaking an 'unspoken' rule.

Despite being 'virtually best friends' for over five years, the bride-to-be soon dumped Amy from her wedding after she had broken the 'unspoken' rule during the chaotic hen night.

Shortly after the hen weekend, Amy was relieved to find out she had been uninvited from the wedding as the thought of spending further time with the bride would be a 'nightmare'.

Speaking about the ordeal, the Aussie explained: "I really don’t know why I was uninvited.

"Perhaps she was just looking for a reason to uninvite me and I’ve never spoken to her since this happened."

In preparing for the festivities, Amy shelled out over a staggering $2,500 AUD (£1,300) on flights, accommodation and dresses for the occasion.


She has since blocked most people who attended the hen party on social media and hasn't spoken to them since.

Talking about her 'horror story', Amy, said: "Overall it was an awful experience that left me traumatised. I never want to experience anything like that again. The behaviour I witnessed was truly disgusting.

"We were virtually best friends as we’d been friends for several years."

She added: "I was happy to be uninvited because after the events that transpired, there is no way I would have attended anyway."


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