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Woman defended after refusing to give up seat on flight for dad who wanted to sit with family

Woman defended after refusing to give up seat on flight for dad who wanted to sit with family

She opened up about the ordeal online

We all know that planes can be chaotic at the best of times and a downright nightmare at the worst - with one woman opening up about her stressful experiencing during a flight.

The woman took to the popular 'Am I the A**hole' thread on Reddit to give a little more context behind why she refused to swap seats with a family during the flight.

The anonymous 22-year-old began by explaining: "I was on a flight yesterday and noticed someone in my seat."

Upon further inspection, she found a man in his 40's sat next to his wife and daughter.

"I kindly asked him to move as he was sitting in the seat I specifically booked and paid more for (I'm mostly comfortable sitting in isle seats)," the woman continued to say.

Much to her surprise, however, the bloke simply 'refused' and told the woman to move to his seat which was a middle one.

She went on: "I told him I don't do middle seats and he got mad telling me over and over again that he was sitting next to family and that the airline had messed up his seating."

After all that, a flight attendant came over and 'forced' the dad to move back to his allocated seat.

The woman explained why she wouldn't swap seats so the family could sit together.
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Wondering who was in the wrong following the interaction, the woman revealed: "Here's why I feel like the a**hole: It was a very short flight (less than two hours) and his daughter looked really sad that her dad wouldn't be sitting near even though she had her mother sitting there with her.

"They were also giving me dirty looks throughout the whole flight. So, am I the a**hole?"

In a follow-up comment, the woman added: "I think I might be the a**hole because the flight was really short and I could have moved so he could sit next to his wife and daughter."

The majority of people in the comments seemed to side with the woman, with one commenter pointing out: "You booked a specific seat for a reason.

"They could have booked other seats. It was a short flight, so even if the little girl was sad, it's not like she was without her dad for a long period of time.

"This is also just part of life, she had her mother there, she was fine. Don't let them get to you.

"You did nothing wrong."

People rushed to defend the jet-setter.
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A second penned: "It was your seat. He knew when he checked in that they won’t be all seated to each other so he should have spoken to them before boarding to try and change all three seats to be next to each other.

"Plus, as you said, it’s not a long flight and less than two hours so nothing dramatic or urgent that they can’t survive if not seated to him, plus his rude entitled demanding tone guaranteed that no one in your place would agree."

"You reserved that seat," echoed a final Reddit user.

"If the three of them wanted to sit together, then it was their responsibility to reserve seats together.

"People can ask if others are willing to switch seats, but the person originally assigned that seat has every right to tell them no."

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