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Woman admits to eating grandma’s ashes in shocking confession

Woman admits to eating grandma’s ashes in shocking confession

The Australian woman admitted that eating the ashes has made her feel 'closer' to her late grandmother

Having a varied diet and broad palette when it comes to fine dining is one thing, but one woman in Australia has this week revealed she previously had once 'ate her nan'.

Honestly, if you're anything like me and have a queasy disposition, I'd tread carefully with this one...

The woman in question called into the Melbourne breakfast show Fifi, Fev & Nick earlier this week during the station's controversial and often jaw-dropping 'Cashfessional' segment, during which listeners attempt to 1-up each other with their bizarre stories.

A woman has admitted to snacking on her grandmother's ashes. (iweta0077/Getty)
A woman has admitted to snacking on her grandmother's ashes. (iweta0077/Getty)

"I ate my Nan," the Narre Warren local - named Cheyenne - began her stomach-wrenching story.

Instantly, hosts Fifi Box, Brendan Fevola and Nick Cody - as well as probably millions of listening Aussies tuning in across the nation - were both nauseated and transfixed.

Asked simply how she found herself in such a predicament, Cheyenne claimed she simply couldn't resist, saying: "So my nan passed away in August last year and got cremated and obviously my family and myself were grieving, so I went over to Mum's one night and thought to cheer her up a bit … let’s just taste nan."

"After I did it once, I got mom to do it because I didn't want to be alone in it," she added.

Weirdly enough, however, the sickening admissions didn't stop there, as the caller then revealed she'd went one step further by pranking her own brother into eating a dose of the ashes too.

Weeks after he was released from prison, Cheyenne said her brother was staying at their family home for the first time since they were children.

"This is the part I've told nobody," she confessed. "We haven’t lived with each other since we were, like, young kids. So I thought it would be funny to prank him … and I put some of Nan's ashes in the pasta sauce."

"Oh Cheyenne …" staggered host Box declared, while Fevola went on to joke: "Spaghetti alla nan."

Once again, however, the caller dropped another repulsive admission, confessing that she herself has a 'weird addiction' to eating the ashes.

Cheyenne claimed she's 'addicted' to eating her grandma. (gruizzy/Getty)
Cheyenne claimed she's 'addicted' to eating her grandma. (gruizzy/Getty)

Asked if she has any of the remains left, Cheyenne revealed she still has a 'whole box full', claiming that she eats the ashes 'just for fun'.

"I feel like we’re closer than ever. Nan will live on through me forever," she added.

'Awww', I guess?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@thefox109

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