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Woman left disgusted as she discovers brown stains on ceiling isn’t really mould

Woman left disgusted as she discovers brown stains on ceiling isn’t really mould

It's not exactly ideal

We've all probably experienced our fair share of sub-par living situations over the years.

From dodgy paintwork and busted boilers to silverfish infestations and mouldy walls - it seems many renters out there will know the feeling very well.

However, it's clearly worse for some than others after one woman was left absolutely disgusted as she discovered the brown stains on her ceiling wasn't really mould.

One woman was left disgusted after finally figuring out what the brown stains on her apartment ceiling were.

The woman took to the 'fixit' thread on Reddit to share a series of snaps of her ceiling which featured some pretty grim-looking brown patches.

She titled the post: "What are these spots that keep reappearing on my apartment ceiling? The ceiling doesn't feel soft or wet."

She went on to explain: "I am a renter so I cant tear out the ceiling or anything. "The person above me says her floor isn't wet and she hasn't noticed any water getting in."

According to the renter, the maintenance team just sprayed ceiling paint over the brown stains each time instead of actually getting to the bottom of why they kept reappearing.

"The spots originally were more in the corner but have moved," she carried on. "Always two spots about the same size."

People reckoned they knew the cause of the mystery brown ceiling stains.

The woman continued: "I saw a similar post about rodent pee being one cause... is there a non-invasive way to test for that?

"I want my apartment complex to actually find and fix the issue not just keep 'fixing' the spots with paint! Help!"

Well, it didn't take long for the people of Reddit to come through and share their speculations - with many seemingly confirming the woman's worst fears that the mystery stains were in fact the work of rodent urine.

"I had these before. Thought it was reappearing stains. Found out it was mice p*ssing in my attic," revealed one Reddit user.

A second claimed: "Brown stains that appear in different places is rodent pee!"

"Seen this in places with animals in attic that pee and poop and over time stains show up. Hopefully that’s not it!!" penned a third, while a fourth piped up: "Rat pee soaking though."

Another chimed in: "It's some sort of rodent nest, and that's the resulting liquid waste bleeding through."

"I had rodent using the same spot as a bathroom," echoed a final user.

In a follow-up comment, the woman confirmed: "My kid just jumped onto a chair an smelled it.

"Confirmed rodent pee as he said it smelled like his hamster cage at his dad's house."

Talk about taking one for the team, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/RainbowUnicorn0228

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