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Woman left devastated after accidentally getting tattoo on outside of her lip

Woman left devastated after accidentally getting tattoo on outside of her lip

The woman had hoped the tattoo would be one she could keep hidden

A Swedish woman was left horrified after accidentally getting a lip tattoo inked on the outside of her mouth rather than the inside.

If you're keen to get a tattoo that no one will know is there, the inside of your lip is a good location to choose.

You might be limited on how big you can go, but having the design done inside your mouth means people will only see it if you fold your lip over to reveal the inside to the world.

At least, that's what's meant to happen.

Unfortunately for TikTok user, Wilma, there was some sort of mixup when she went to the tattoo artist, and the inking on her lip didn't end up being subtle at all.

In a video shared online, Wilma shared a picture of what she'd been hoping to get when she went under the needle.

The image showed a woman pulling her lip down to reveal the word 'meow' in a location that wouldn't be visible without her actively pulling down her lip.

Wilma wanted this exact same tattoo, and the artist obliged by writing 'Meow' in black ink. The only issue was it was on the outside of her lip, rather than the inside.

Wilma was not impressed with how the tattoo turned out.

In a caption on the video, Wilma wrote (translated): "He tattooed my f**king mouth wrong."

The TikToker then shared a snap of herself in tears over the mistake, though many viewers couldn't quite comprehend how the inking had gone so wrong.

"How didn’t you notice?," one person commented, while another added: "Did you not hold your lip down so the inner portion was out????"

Wilma didn't offer an explanation for exactly how the tattoo had gone so wrong, but she made clear it wasn't something she wanted for the rest of her life.

In fact, she could barely even stand it for a matter of weeks.

Less than two months after she first revealed her tattoo in the video, Wilma shared a follow-up video to reveal that she'd undergone laser tattoo removal to get rid of the 'meow' which had escaped her lips.

She shared a series of images to document the progress of the laser removal, with the word getting more and more faint before it disappeared altogether.

Once she was rid of the tattoo, Wilma wrote: "Its [sic] gone. Thank god to laser."

The TikToker is now officially lip-tattoo free, and I can't imagine she'll be rushing to get another one done any time soon!

Featured Image Credit: @Wilmah10/TikTok

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