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Woman shares 'creepy' comments she receives from men about her decision not to wear a bra

Woman shares 'creepy' comments she receives from men about her decision not to wear a bra

The TikTok star has called out her followers for their harassing comments

Human beings all deserve to feel comfortable in their own skin - that goes without saying.

And by that, everyone deserves the right to dress in whatever they want, however they want to, without fear or harassment.

And no one stands by these statements more than TikTok star Madeline (who goes by the username @madds.maxjesty), whose entire social media presence is focused on self-love and body-positivity.

The radiant social media star has this week taken to the video-sharing app to disclose some of the unsolicited comments she receives from men about her decision not to wear a bra.

Madeline is part of the 'no bra club', being that she puts the comfort of not wearing any upper-body underwear before the societal expectation to wear one.

"I don't wear bras because they are uncomfy," she told her followers in a recent video. "Not because I'm 'asking for it'."

The TikTok star professes body positivity online.

Dressed in a white, halter-neck top and jeans, the TikToker can be seen making a hilarious face as she imitates the men that often have things to say about her lack of bra.

"Some men: ‘If I see you like that I won’t be able to control myself’," she wrote in text across the video.

Madeline went on to caption the post: "Like are you an ANIMALLLL", before adding the hashtags '#ihatebras', '#brassuck', and '#comfortablelifeforall'.

She also encouraged other women to stop feeling obliged to wear restrictive undergarments.

Since being posted online, Madeline's video has accumulated thousands of likes from women who relate to her hatred of wearing bras.

Madeline opened up on some of the creepy comments she receives from men online.

Others, however, were left in hysterics by her impression of the leering men that make comments about her fashion choices.

Madeline has previously reassured her followers that 'clothes are made to fit you, you’re not made to fit clothes'.

"You are such a great influencer you make me feel so good about myself," one social media user gushed in the comments.

Another wrote: "I barely wear [bras] either and if I do it’s usually an unpadded sports bra. I hate them, they have always been a pain to me".

"LMAO nailed it queen!" a third said, before another added: "I’ve been bra-free for like three years".

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@@madds.maxjesty

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