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Woman left in tears after receiving a ‘vial of blood in Shein order’ fearing she was ‘victim of biological terror attack’

Woman left in tears after receiving a ‘vial of blood in Shein order’ fearing she was ‘victim of biological terror attack’

The fast fashion giant launched an immediate investigation

When it comes to the world of fast fashion, Shein is known to be at the top of the pyramid.

But the online fashion retailer has found itself in hot water as one woman has taken to TikTok to share her disgust at what she claims she found in her Shein parcel.

23-year-old Anna Elliot from Tennessee was left ‘in tears’ when she found a 'vial of blood' in her order - saying she is the 'worst person' it could have happened to due to her ‘life-long major phobia’ of blood.

She said: "I'd ordered some dresses to wear for church. I'm opening my Shein order and taking out my dresses.

"Then I pulled out the can of beans and I thought 'that's weird' because they don't sell food, obviously.

Anna claims there was also a can of beans in the order.
Kennedy News and Media

"Under the can of beans was the blood vial.

"At first I was trying not to panic because I thought maybe it was a joke or maybe they had fake blood vials for Halloween and somehow it ended up in my bag.

"But then I realised it was from an actual lab and it was real and I really panicked."

In a statement, Shein said the 'package completed our quality control process and [when it] left our facility it contained only the Shein items ordered', adding that it launched an 'immediate investigation' upon learning the parcel had been 'tampered' with.

Anna continued: "Since I was a kid I have had a major phobia of blood, like I'd pass out if I see blood so I'm literally the worst person for it to be delivered to.

"I really started freaking out, I was crying. I didn't know if it was some kind of terrorist attack and they were trying to expose me to something.

"I didn't know what it was. I was extremely scared."

FedEx said there had been an 'issue in transit'.

Anna claimed that FedEx told her the incident occurred ‘due to an issue in transit’ where her original Shein package was one of many which 'busted open', leaving an employee to 'guess' where the miscellaneous items went and repackage them.

A spokesperson for FedEx said: "We sincerely apologise for this experience. We are committed to treating our customers' shipments with the utmost care, and we are taking the appropriate steps to address this matter."

Anna says she called both the police and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who told her it was a routine cancer testing sample.

Anna told TikTok about her horror.
Kennedy News and Media

Anna said: "Usually it's just healthy people that are getting a screening to make s

sure they're still in remission or everything is good with their health.

"Of course that doesn't mean they don't have some kind of disease I could be exposed to.

"Nothing like that's ever happened to me.

"I'd warn others to always be careful really opening any package, before sticking your hand in it, dump it on the table first.”

Anna posted a video online detailing her horror with the caption: "Just ordered dresses from Shein and the package came with an unidentified human blood sample.”

Shein said it launched an 'immediate investigation'.
Kennedy News and Media

Shein has since spoken out, with a spokesperson commenting: “When we were made aware that a customer received a package that had been tampered with, we launched an immediate investigation.

"This indicated when the package completed our quality control process and left our facility it contained only the Shein items ordered. We will continue actively supporting the customer in her continued investigation into what occurred once her package left a Shein facility."

Tyla has reached out to the Gainesboro Police Department and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for further comment.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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