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Couple quit their jobs and open hotel for nudists

Couple quit their jobs and open hotel for nudists

The couple have turned their love of naturism into a job

A married naturist couple decided to pack in their jobs and live off-grid on a narrowboat, which they have since transformed into a floating hotel for like-minded nudists.

Fiona Discombe, 54, and her husband, Michael, 51, have been naturists ever since stripping off on a beach in Greece during their honeymoon back in 1994.

And the couple love the lifestyle so much that they’ve travelled around the world visiting naturist spots in the US, Thailand and the Caribbean.

Last year, the couple decided to sell their home and travel around in Europe in a van, where they stopped off at as many nudist locations as possible.

Fiona Discombe, 54, and her husband, Michael, 51, have been naturists since the 1990s.

Now back in the UK, Fiona and Michael decided they wanted to live off-grid and bought themselves a narrowboat.

Fiona, from Devizes, UK, said: "Last year we decided we would sell our home, buy a van, and go travelling around Europe visiting naturist venues and beaches.

"It was incredible. France and Spain were the best places for nudism for sure because they're so kitted out for it.

"Those countries are much more liberal about it and have amazing and beautiful facilities.

"After we spent a year travelling in the van, we came back and continued living in the van. However, it wasn't ideal because of the weather here.

"We still wanted to try and live off-grid as much as possible, work for ourselves, and have a base in the UK, so we decided we would go and have a look at some boats.

"We were sold and decided we wanted to live on a narrowboat. So we put the van up for sale and bought a 70ft narrowboat.

The couple run a nudist-friendly hotel on their narrowboat.

"That's when we had the idea to split it into two areas. An area for us to live in and an area at the other end of the boat that we would turn into and rent out as a hotel.

"We spent four months renovating the boat and then we started advertising our floating hotel to predominantly other naturists.

"When guests come to stay on the boat we do everything for them. We take them out on cruises to Bath and Bristol, and cook for them, I am a masseuse so I can provide massages, Michael is a qualified yoga instructor so he does this with guests too.

"We don't find it hard sharing the boat with guests because we all usually share the common interests of naturism, and we can also screen off either of the ends for privacy."

As well as offering them an income, Fiona says that naturism has helped boost her confidence. "When I was younger I was bullied for how I looked because I was curvy and not straight up and down,” she said.

Fiona says naturism has helped boost her confidence.

"I lacked in body confidence and could never imagine myself getting naked in front of other people beforehand.

"It was difficult to begin with, and sometimes I do still have to block that voice out, but it is possible and it makes me feel so much better.

"If I hadn't got into naturism I would still be reclusive and shy. I wish I had the same level of confidence that I have now years ago.

"Going nude has done wonders for my confidence.

"Naturism is about being free and not being inhibited by clothing. You don't have to hide, and you don't know what people are or what they do because you can't make any judgments by their clothes.

"It also helps you realise that bodies aren't perfect. We all have scars and marks that tell our life stories, whether it be from babies, operations, or accidents."

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