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Influencer called Trewley-Precious Sunshine stuns fans as she shares siblings' names

Influencer called Trewley-Precious Sunshine stuns fans as she shares siblings' names

Trewley-Precious Sunshine revealed the names of her three sisters and they're even more unique than you think...

A British influencer with a unique name has shocked her followers by revealing the names of her siblings.

The woman, known as Trewley-Precious Sunshine, 23, from Essex, shared a video on TikTok about the names of her three sisters.

Trewley-Precious (pronounced ‘truly’) is obviously a moniker you don’t hear very often, and as it turns out, her sisters also have one of a kind names, much to the amusement of her fans.

The influencer, who also starred in the first series of Channel 4’s Tempting Fortunes, made the TikTok in response to someone’s question.

One fan asked: “I love your name, does [sic] your siblings all have similar names?”

Trewley-Precious thanked the social media user and replied: “Starting off with me you know, the prettiest and the youngest, my name is Trewley-Precious.”

Trewley-Precious Sunshine revealed the names of her siblings.

She then turned the camera to her sister and revealed her name, ‘Honey Peaches Amba’.

And then another sister was seen on camera, and when asked her name, she said: “Ruby Anne Ysobella.”

Ruby-Anne clarified that her third name is spelt with a Y and O and not with an A.

Trewley-Precious then asked a third sister to share her name with the people of TikTok, to which she replied: “Pearly Girl.”

TikTok users flocked to the comments after hearing all the names, and apart from gushing about the family resemblance, lots of fans love the names.

“Honey Peaches Amba is literally so cute,” one fan replied.

“Honey Peaches such a lovely name,” another person agreed.

“Pearly Girl is such a nice name,’ a woman in the comments replied.

“I wanna be Pealy Girl OMG what a beaut [sic] name,” penned another.

“Ok, now we need all 13 names!!!” someone else declared.

“I’m intrigued at the rest of your siblings names now! Love them,” added a fan.

“So chaotic I love it and the names are so nice,” complimented one of Trewley-Precious’ followers.

The influencer previously hit the headlines for walking around her council estate while wearing her pyjamas.

Although it may be seen as a massive stigma by many, Trewley-Precious is truly unbothered and the TikToker filmed herself walking to the shop wearing her dressing gown.

She had her hair rollers in and her eyebrow tint on as she popped down to the shops to buy some bits.

"I've got rollers in my hair, I've got tint on my eyebrows... I've got no shoes on, and my dressing gown cord doesn't match my dressing gown.

"And I'm still going to walk with confidence into the shop, and say "Hi, what's happening?"'

We love a confident gal!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@trewleyprecious

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