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‘World’s hottest truck driver’ says she makes over £60,000 and only works six months a year

‘World’s hottest truck driver’ says she makes over £60,000 and only works six months a year

Ashlea is a truck driver who makes a staggering $100,000 a year, only working six months out of twelve.

The ‘world’s hottest truck driver’ has taken to TikTok to share with her followers how she makes over $120,000 (£60,000) annually whilst only working six months in the entire year.

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A Fly-In-Fly-Out worker, also known as a FIFO worker, is an employee who is transported to and from various locations, be it international or domestic by their employer.

Ashlea, from Perth, Australia, has taken girl boss to the next level, getting that bag and her hands stuck into a gritty industry.

Working in remote Western Australia as a dump truck driver, Ashlea works 14 days on, 14 days off, up in the Pilbara mines.

Ashlea makes a decent living from driving dump trucks.

This job means that she needs to wake up at 4am for a 12-hour shift in incredibly hot temperatures.

With such hefty workdays, Ashlea earns $120,000 a year for working only “six months out of the year”.

Talking about her off days, the truck driver explained in a video that she makes “it a priority in my life to do super cool sh*t.”

Boasting about her amazing life, Ashlea gives her TikTok followers a glimpse into what it’s really like being a ‘truckie’ who works 14 on and 14 off.

She said: “I’m always going to events, I’m always partying, I’m always traveling, I’m always eating out, I’m just doing everything that I love to do.”

She has been dubbed the 'world's hottest truck driver'.

But that’s not the only reason the blonde bombshell can afford a life of luxury - she admits that having no children, being 'single by choice', being in no debt and selling an investment property all ensured that her bank account was able to maintain her wants and needs.

She went on to explain exactly how much she earns as a FIFO truck driver, saying: “We don’t gate keep here so let’s talk about money. Obviously, all companies are going to pay differently so this is just what I personally got.”

At first, as a trainee she earned $36.50 per hour, but now she earns $51.50 with a new contractor who also pays a bonus each month of “$2000 each month that you stay with them, so that could be anywhere between $6,000 to $10,000.”

“So annually my $51.50 would be approximately $112,000,” Ashlea calculated in her TikTok video.

But bonuses really do make a difference, with the combined wages amounting to “another $10,000 – so $122,000 for my first year” as a truckie.

After sharing her story online, Ashlea was send a video made about her, dubbing the beauty as the 'world’s hottest truck driver'.

Ashlea said of her title: “I had the biggest f**king LOL. It’s titled the world’s hottest truck driver, a little bit too much responsibility but I appreciate it.

“It’s like this Americanised montage of my life. It is gold.”

When Ashlea started, she had no mine experience and started in 'utilities', juggling various roles so that she could get her foot in.

She said: “I will admit the pay was sh*t and it was really hard work.”

The truckie works 14 days on and 14 days off.

“It’s so hot, there’s so many flies and it’s gross but I only did it for three months and it gave me the opportunity to get FIFO experience on my resume,” Ashlea explained.

But after calling a mining construction company until she got through to recruitment, she was able to land a traineeship, where she learned skills including truck driving, and operating machinery.

“The trucks are very easy to drive,” the beauty said.

Talking to fans about her motivations to work this way, she admitted: “I earn quite a lot more money doing FIFO so I find it easier to save money. One of my goals is to accumulate a few investment properties.”

“I am getting a bit older and I would like to have children one day so I want to set myself up financially,” Ashlea continued.

“So I do FIFO for the lifestyle, travel and set myself up financially for the future.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@the_salty_pinup

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