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What will happen to you during your Saturn Return as many struggle to get through astrological phenomenon

What will happen to you during your Saturn Return as many struggle to get through astrological phenomenon

This planetary period will specifically affect those approaching 30

Earlier this year, astrologers were left filled with anxiety surrounding the prospect of a Mercury Return, being that this planetary position is notorious for inflicting sudden feelings of resentment, bitterness, impatience and lots of apparent bad luck.

Thankfully, however, it looks as though the majority of us were able to get through the stressful period just in time for it's notably more positively-timed sister position, Saturn Return.

But how exactly should we expect our lives to change over the next few weeks? And are we able to do anything to stop it?

Well, don't worry. We're here to answer all of your astrological questions.

First things first, however, for the horoscope newbies, it's important to hit the basics first...

Saturn Return affects each star sign differently. (Getty/da-kuk)
Saturn Return affects each star sign differently. (Getty/da-kuk)

What is Saturn Return?

Basically, a 'return' is defined by a planet returning to the exact position it was in the sky when you were born, meaning every single planet has its own on the cards.

The regularity of the 'return' depends on the distance from Earth, however, meaning some will happen more frequently than others.

They commonly occur two or three times in your life, however, kicking off when most people are in their 30s.

Being that Saturn as a planet is associated with themes of responsibility, karma and maturity, when it comes to your own astrological chart, it reportedly narrates how you perceive certain - often challenging - situations.

Therefore, if you suddenly feel as though your on the brink of a massive life change when you're nearing your 30s, that would be explained by the fact that Saturn has returned to its place in the sky when you were welcomed into the world.

Saturn Return is just around the corner. (Alex Dean/Getty)
Saturn Return is just around the corner. (Alex Dean/Getty)

How can Saturn Return affect us?

According to leading experts in this field, we should actually view our Saturn Return as another stage of puberty, where you'll be casting away some aspects of your youth and being welcomed into a brand new generation.

As exciting as this may sound, however, naturally, moving on to another part of life can come with its fair share of growing pains.

Questions you may never have expected to need to answer may present themselves in the weirdest of ways.

Are you suddenly wondering whether you may have outgrown your relationship? Are you suddenly inspired to embark on a new career path? If so, there's a very logical reason why.

What will happen to us?

When it comes to the ways in which astrological phenomenon will affect you, again, this massively depends on your star sign. astrologer Lauren Ash explained that, for example, when Saturn is in fall in Aries, the planets' shortcomings can be heightened.

Saturn Return will specifically affect those turning 30. (martin-dm/Getty)
Saturn Return will specifically affect those turning 30. (martin-dm/Getty)

"Saturn in Aries causes people to feel easily overwhelmed by their dreams," she claimed, adding that, because Aries' can often struggle to sustain momentum, it may be that this period sees them abandoning projects they'd started.

Her advice for Aries' during this period? "It’s essential to learn how to see things through".

When it comes to Leos, however - a sign traditionally associated with being the life and soul of the party - a different set of predictions have been made altogether.

"Saturn in Leo causes issues of confidence and creativity within a person, often leading to frustrations of self-expression," Ash said.

As such, she recommends Leos embrace the spotlight they naturally steal and take ahold of the talents that make them special.

Again, when it comes to when Saturn is in Sagittarius, it's another completely different story altogether.

Notorious for their reluctance to commit - even when placed under huge pressure - apparently, we could see a totally different side to our Sag friends in the coming weeks.

Leos should be taking hold of their shine. (bernardbodo/Getty)
Leos should be taking hold of their shine. (bernardbodo/Getty)

That's right, Saturn Return for this sign encourages them to finally make decisions which see them settling down, as opposed to 'feeling lost and lonely' by chasing solely adventure.

How to get through Saturn Return if you're struggling

According to professional astrologer and author Linda Joyce, whilst some of these predictions may alarm you, for those approaching 30, you should apparently view your 20s as a party that has gone on a tad too long.

"What’s not working in your life becomes very obvious," she explains, adding that we should embrace what to come, as it'll prove the best thing for us.

Embrace commitment, jump into adventure feet first, embrace your individuality and pay close attention to your gut instincts.

"Saturn slows everything down because you need to see what has to be fixed,' she assured readers. "If you don’t pay attention, you’ll face a crisis."

"Life becomes a series of lessons to learn,' she explains. 'If you’ve been learning them all along the way, then your Saturn return is a piece of cake...

She adds, however: "But if you’ve been avoiding responsibility and life itself, then your Saturn return can be painful."

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