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People left 'speechless' after woman shares 13-year-old girl's Christmas list this year

People left 'speechless' after woman shares 13-year-old girl's Christmas list this year

There were over 40 items on the extensive list.

Christmas is now just one week away and I'm sure many of us are scrambling to sort those last-minute Crimbo presents out ahead of the big day.

Now, a lot of the time, having a loose idea of what a person wants for the big day is a welcomed help, but it seems one person's hefty list has really pushed it to the next level.

People have since been left absolutely 'speechless' after a woman shared exactly what her 13-year-old niece asked for this Christmas.

People are stunned by a 'spoilt' teenager's Christmas wish list.
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The woman took to X to share a snap of the handwritten Christmas list along with the caption: "This is my 13-year-old niece's list..."

The list in question contained 43 items - with 'money' written down twice.

Spanning from luxury beauty products, high-spec tech and designer clothing - it's clear this teen spared no expense when compiling the rundown.

She titled it: "My 2023-2024 Xmas wish list."

The first item on the list really set the tone for what was to follow - 'Dior lip oil', which retails for around £32.

Other beauty and cosmetic items included 'false lashes', 'facial ice globes', 'Charlotte Tilbury products', 'Rare Beauty blush', 'Drunk Elephant bronzing drops', 'Gisou lip gloss', 'Dior concealer', 'mascara', 'Gucci perfume' and 'acrylic nails'.

There were also quite a few branded clothing items on the list including gear from 'Lululemon', 'pink Nike Dunks', 'Nike shorts', 'Nike socks', 'Skims' and 'Uggs'.


And it doesn't stop there.

The 13-year-old even asked for a handful of pricey tech and appliances including a 'MacBook Pro', 'Apple Watch' and 'AirPods'.

If that wasn't enough, she also noted down an array of homeware such as 'cute candles' and 'LED lights' as well as gift cards to both 'Amazon' and beauty retailer 'Mecca'.

People clearly couldn't wait to share their reactions, with many rightfully stunned at the child's wish list.

One X user hit out: "Wish list bc she gonna keep on wishing Imao. You getting a Barbie doll and crackle nail polish."

A second shared: "My mum would've whooped my a** for asking for even one of these things."

"Dude, when I was this young, my Christmas lists were just call of duty, Legos, and Pokemon cards wtf," admitted a third.

A fourth chimed in: "I stopped reading after Dior lip oil bc whattt!"

Some dubbed the 13-year-old 'greedy' for her extensive list while others were more understanding.
Betsie Van der Meer / Getty Images

"Skims for a 13-year-old is actually wild," penned a fifth, while a sixth declared: "This entire list is due to TikTok."

Another claimed: "This is so depressing... What business does a CHILD have needing a whole skincare routine and makeup... and Skims? Acrylics??? let these girls be kids man omfg!"

"Your niece is greedy as hell," declared an eighth. "This list is like $3,000!"

"I am speechless," revealed a final critic.

A few, however, were a tad more understanding of the whole thing.

One explained: "People expecting a 13-year-old to have toys on this list are delusional.

"I grew out of toys when I was 11. Does this list mean she's gonna get everything she wants? Absolutely not but people need to realise that 13 year olds are gonna have evolving tastes."

What do you make of it?

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@ambersinsane / Pexels

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