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Woman calls out 'petty' neighbour after they cut down half of their hedge following argument

Woman calls out 'petty' neighbour after they cut down half of their hedge following argument

The situation has sparked a heated debate about garden etiquette

Whether it's loud noise in the early hours, some truly dodgy parking or garden politics - I'm sure we've all faced our fair share of faff with our neighbours at one time or another.

The latest ordeal sees one woman, who goes by Soph Johnson on social media, call out out her 'petty' neighbour after they cut down half of their hedge following an argument.

Taking the whole front garden turf war to the next level, Soph has since reignited the fiery debate about neighbour etiquette when it comes to the politics of property lines. Have a look:

The overlay text on the TikTok read: "Tell me you've had an argument with next door without telling me you've had an argument with next door."

It then panned from the Soph's fence showing an overgrown tall hedge sprouting over the top around to the next-door neighbour's property, which boasted their neatly-trimmed side of the hedge a good metre or so shorter than the overgrown one.

Soph captioned the TikTok with a series of hashtags including '#nightmareneighbours', '#petty' and '#hedgecutting'.

Sums the whole thing up pretty well that.

The short clip has since clocked up more than 129.4k views on the platform with dozens upon dozens rushing in to share their opinions on the matter.

The neighbour kept their side of the hedge neatly-trimmed and left Soph's overgrown.

Some were totally supportive of Soph with one viewer confessing what revenge they'd take: "I'd be so petty I would never cut the hedge again."

"Guarantee that would irritate them more then me," joked a second.

A third penned: "It's so petty and really isn't worth it."

"Feel like this hurts them more than you (or whoever cut it as they get to see both)," added a fourth.

A fifth remarked: "But it’s all in their side! Why wouldn’t they cut the top as it’s on their side. Some people are just weird."

People had mixed opinions on the hedge ordeal.

A final supporter of the TikToker echoed: "But it’s their hedge? Why didn’t they trim it all?! Looks ridiculous from their side!"

Others, however, took the neighbour's side instead.

One TikTok user pointed out: "It’s their hedge on their side though."

"I cut mine like this as it’s illegal for me to cut anything that doesn’t fall on my side…" hit out another.

A third wondered: "Why some neighbours love to keep unkept gardens/bushes I'll never know."

Another advised: "It’s on your side of the fence just shave off the top."

"I’d be this petty too," confessed a final TikTok user.

What would you do?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ sophjohnson07

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