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Mum issues warning to holidaymakers after son severely injured in Bali

Mum issues warning to holidaymakers after son severely injured in Bali

The mum issued her warning after being left having to ask for help following her son's accident

An Australian mum has issued an important warning to people going on holiday after her son was left severely injured in a scooter accident.

Sue Dojer, from Melbourne, rushed to be by her adult son's bedside after she heard he'd been involved in the accident on Tuesday (22 August).

Billy, 46, had been enjoying a two-month holiday in Bali when he came off the scooter he was riding and suffered internal injuries and bleeding on the brain.

Billy was in Bali when the incident took place.

He was rushed to a private hospital in Kuta, where Sue found him 'screaming in pain' due to 'all the fractures and all the blood in his lungs'.

According to a fundraising page, Billy suffered 'bleeding in the brain, 10 broken ribs, damage to both the front and back that necessitates stents, bruised and damaged lungs, a broken foot, a broken collarbone, eye socket damage, and multiple other injuries'.

Speaking to 7News, Sue recalled how doctors told her they wouldn't operate on Billy unless they received an upfront payment of at least $65,000 AUD (£33,100).

Billy thought he'd been covered while on holiday through the insurance policy included on his credit card, so he hadn't taken out travel insurance for the trip.

Sally's family aren't able to afford the medical bills.

However, his family have now had to fork out $18,000 (£9,000) for initial scans and a procedure to remove fluid from his lungs, and more money is needed to help with his remaining health issues.

The total cost of the medical treatment Billy still requires is expected to be at least $125,000 (£63,600).

“We don’t have the money to fund his operations,” Sue said. “The hospital wants it right now.”

In the wake of the ordeal, Sue has warned other travellers to double-check the terms of their insurance and to make sure they have enough financial backing in case something happens.

“Regardless of your insurance, be prepared to have financial money aside,” Sue added.

Billy suffered a number of injuries in the accident.

As for Billy's treatments, a GoFundMe page has now been set up to help raise the money needed to cover the bills.

The fundraiser has a goal of $130,000, and has so far raised $96,600. Sue said in a post on the fundraiser that 'every moment is crucial' for Billy's recovery, adding: "Your support could make all the difference in helping my son receive the life-saving surgeries and medical care he so desperately needs."

"Your kindness and generosity will forever be appreciated by our family," the mum stated.

Featured Image Credit: 7News

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