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iPhone users warned about virus that could steal all personal details

iPhone users warned about virus that could steal all personal details

If you have an iPhone, this one's for you

Considering that pretty much everybody lucky enough to be able to afford a smartphone has one, you’d think they’d have sorted out their security issues by now.

It seems like almost constantly there’s another reason to worry about our data being compromised - and this time, it’s iPhone users who need to stay vigilant.

Recently, there was an urgent warning issued to WhatsApp users on Android phones due to suspicious malware.

Now, if you have an iPhone, it’s your time to worry - so listen closely.

It turns out iPhone users are now being targeted by methods straight out of a dystopian novel - by creating deepfake images of whoever owns the phone.

Scammers will then use the doctored images of ‘you’ to steal your cash through face recognition software.

The criminals are also able to spy on your text messages.

Cyber security company Group-IB were the first to raise the alarm about the emergency, who confirmed the threat was operating across iOS devices as well as previously existing as a threat on Android devices.

The Threat Intelligence unit of Group-IB says they have been 'constantly monitoring this evolving threat and unearthed an entire cluster of aggressive banking Trojans'.

The criminals will have total control of your smartphone.

A Trojan virus is type of malware that downloads onto a computer disguised as a legitimate program.

The security firm named the virus ‘GoldDigger’.

The virus on iOS is a newer, sophisticated form of GoldDigger, which has also been known as GoldPickaxe.

It's based on the GoldDigger Android Trojan and regularly updates itself in order to evade being found on your device.

It’s best to stay vigilant.

After originally being booted off of iOS by Apple when it had been using the TestPilot app to sneak on to people's phones, GoldPickaxe now finds its way on to Apple devices via enterprise-level 'MDM' or Mobile Device Management profiles.

Once you download it, the criminals will have total control of your smartphone.

So far it has only been detected in Vietnam and Thailand – but as is always the case with these severe issues, it’s best to stay vigilant.

The best way to protect yourself from malicious spyware is to only download content from the official App Store – and that applied to both Apple and Android users.

Featured Image Credit: Kinga Krzeminska/d3sign/Getty Images

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