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Gym-obsessed gran, 66, claims followers assume her body is ‘photoshopped’ as she insists ‘age is just a number’

Gym-obsessed gran, 66, claims followers assume her body is ‘photoshopped’ as she insists ‘age is just a number’

Lesley Maxwell hit back against haters who claimed she photoshops her photos

If you’ve been wondering if going to the gym is worth it and are struggling with your New Year’s Resolution, take a look at this buff lady to spur you on.

Lesley Maxell is a 66-year-old gran who is absolutely ‘gym obsessed’.

But it’s paying off.

If you live in the Melbourne area, you might find Lesley at the local gym where she’s breaking a sweat and benching weights.

Now, you might think it’s odd for someone of her age to be getting into a rigorous routine, but the grandma often gets mistaken for her 23-year-old granddaughter.

The Aussie content creator proudly flaunts her physique on social media or through photo shoots.

Well, because who wouldn’t with a body like that?

Lesley Maxwell hit back against photoshop rumours.

But where there is success, there’ll be haters.

Lesley has had to dispel rumours that the photoshops her images and is a ‘cougar’, and she did this by creating an Instagram Reel to show viewers what she looks like in real-time.

She said her reasons for the reel was that ‘a video doesn't lie’.

The bikini clad gym fanatic says: "Sometimes I'm asked if I Photoshop my pictures. But a video doesn't lie. So here I am today. And besides, I love the feeling training effectively plus eating clean give me. You can do it too."

After showing off her toned body and proving the naysayers wrong, online supporters rushed to praise her in the comments.

Some were envious of her body and others complimented her resilience to negativity.

One person defended Lesley against the photoshop slander, telling her: "There's nothing to Photoshop when you can see the results all created by your hard work and dedication.”

However, the start of her fitness journey meant more to Lesley than most.

Lesley's followers were quick to defend to gym fanatic.

After being taken to hospital due to severe pneumonia and asthma, she decided to change her lifestyle the day after she was discharged.

Since then, the fitness buff has won a whopping 35 body building titles and even qualified as a fitness instructor so that she can help others to get into shape.

Lesley hails her health routine as being the reason why she’s in tip-top shape and fits into the same clothes as her daughter and granddaughter.

She said: "There's no excuse for you not to train. I understand we are all busy, but every 30 minutes every second day will ensure you give your body the best chance of becoming healthy and strong.

She added: "I'm so passionate about helping people to be healthier, happier and feel young and sexy at any age. Should we ever be considered too old to wear a bikini? I don't think so."

After all of the flack the grandma received, it’s nice to see that it’s water off a duck’s back.

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