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Dating expert issues warning about ‘age-gap’ relationship trend

Dating expert issues warning about ‘age-gap’ relationship trend

The love guru shed light on the pros and cons of cross-generational love

It's fair to say that 'age-gap' romances are becoming increasingly more acceptable in a society which, at one time, viewed them as 'taboo'.

The 'cougar' connotations that come with relationships whereby the woman is older are starting to fizzle out, and men who fall in love with ladies notably younger than them aren't being slammed as 'creepy' anymore.

For the first time, we're asking ourselves why we ever believed love could be contained within age groups, and allowing ourselves to fall for the person, not the number (within legal limits, of course).

Celebrity 'age-gap' romances have naturally had a huge part to play in the increase of cross-generational love.

With the likes of big-name power couples Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones (25 years apart), George and Amal Clooney (17 years) and Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively (11 years) proving that true love cannot be bounded by age, it's no surprise that so many singletons are looking for 'age-gap' love.

Speaking exclusively to Tyla this week, relationships expert and founder of the Wingman App, Tina Wilson, has shed some light on the rise of 'age-gap' romances.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are more in love than ever, despite being 25 years apart.
Samir Hussein/Getty

Explaining why more and more stars are looking for partners either dramatically older or younger than themselves, the told us: "There are a few reasons why these types of relationships are becoming more common.

"Firstly, the way we see relationships has changed. Nowadays, people care more about having forming genuine connections than they do about age differences.

"Society is also more accepting of different kinds of relationships, so people feel freer to love who they want, regardless of age."

Tina continued: "In the celebrity world, age-gap romances often draw a lot of attention because they're seen as exciting and different. But also, celebrities seek real connections too.

"From royalty to celebrities, age-gap relationships are trending. They have proven the test of time and helped normalise age-gap relationships in the public eye."

Age-gap romances becoming more and more common.

Despite the dating trend, Tina went on to warn love-hungry singletons that there are several risks that come with decade-spanning affairs of the heart.

"Most commonly, a larger age gap doesn’t seem such a big deal when the older partner is in their 50/60s," she explained.

"But as we all age no matter how energetic we are time catches up with us, so if your partner is decades younger this may be when the cracks will start to show."

If you're absolutely enthralled by love for your older/younger partner, however, and can truly see yourself spending the rest of your life with them, Tina says there are ways to avoid your romance turning sour.

"To keep both an age-gap relationship and sexual chemistry strong, couples should focus on maintaining mutual respect, understanding, and talk openly with each other," she opened up.

Relationship expert Tina has warned daters about the risks of age-gap relationships.

"Doing things together and staying close can help maintain their connection. It's also important to encourage each other to grow as individuals and as a couple."

Tina went on to explain that communication is VITAL when it comes to keeping the spark of your 'age-gap' romance alive, 'especially when dealing with differences in life goals and expectations.'

"At the end of the day, age-gap relationships can be just as fulfilling as any other if both partners are honest, caring, and willing to make it work.

"Age shouldn't get in the way of love and happiness as long as there's love, respect, and commitment between the two people involved."

Get in touch with Tina at or check out the Wingman App - a free dating app that lets your friends play matchmaker.

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