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Woman left furious after niece blew out her 25th birthday cake candles

Woman left furious after niece blew out her 25th birthday cake candles

A 25-year-old woman was left unimpressed after her young niece tried to steal the limelight as she celebrated her birthday with family

Whatever age you're turning, everyone secretly loves to blow out the candles on their cake - but one 25-year-old's 'moment' didn't pan out as she'd expected.

On Angel Mendoza's 25th birthday, she went out with her family to celebrate.

Included in the birthday group was Angel's young niece, Haisley, who insisted on sitting on her auntie's lap while her cake was brought over to her as the text read: "when your niece won't let you have anything alone... birthday included."

The impressive cake was decorated with fruits, cream and large '2' and '5' candles, as well as a few more 'happy birthday' candles placed on top.

While Angel tried to politely move her niece off her lap so that she could 'see her cake' and blow out the candles, little Haisley had other ideas and stayed put.

Angel even glanced at her sister in the hopes that she'd twig that Haisley wasn't moving - but she was none the wiser.

The youngster then proceeded to blow out the candles as Angel joked: "I didn't want to make a wish anyway."

Angel then checks the video on a phone, saying: "Tragic!"

She also captioned the video, which has been viewed a staggering 9.6 million times: "Being an auntie ain't for the weak."

However, the video has since divided people on TikTok.

Angel joked that being an auntie 'ain't for the weak'.

One person who defended Angel wrote: "Nah because I NEVER felt this entitled as a child to blow out someone else’s candles, I just KNEW how important it was, & NOT my birthday."

Another quipped: "No, I love my nieces and nephews, but I have no problem putting them in their place. I don’t care how old you are it’s my birthday move."

"why isn't her mom moving her over??" said another.

"She lights the candles, grabs her kid, then everyone can sing and bday girl can have her moment."

Meanwhile, others said that they typically just let the kids blow out the candles.

"Am I too soft? Because if it’d make my nephews happy then I’d happily do it bc I’m too old to care about candles," someone said.

Angel gave her sister the side-eye in the hopes she'd move her niece.

"Personally I don't see the big deal. I would literally grab both my nephews so they can blow the candle with me," added another.

Someone else said they 'don't care' if they blow out their candles or not.

"Idk but I don’t care about blowing candles so I let my kids/nephews/nieces do it. Not a big deal," they said.

Another TikToker suggested that Angel's niece 'just wanted to be part of her special day'.

Personally, if the candles on my cake got blown out by someone else, I'd be requesting another cake.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@angel_mendoza98

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