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Woman whose husband died ‘worst possible death’ says she's still trolled 14 years on

Woman whose husband died ‘worst possible death’ says she's still trolled 14 years on

Emily Jones Sanchez and her family have been harassed by trolls in the years since John Edward Jones's death.

A woman whose husband died the 'worst possible death' has previously spoken about trolling that she and her family have been subjected to in the near 14 years since.

John Edward Jones tragically died on 24 November 2009 whilst caving in ‘Nutty Putty Cave’ in Utah, a hydrothermal cave.

His wife, Emily Jones Sanchez, and their two children were left behind.

John was exploring the cave alongside his brother, but got stuck in a narrow tunnel.

He was stuck in the tunnel for over 25 hours, but because of the pressure his body felt and the position he was stuck in, he tragically could not be safely rescued.

The rescue team could not reach John’s body, either, so the cave was closed off and sealed around his body, where it is to this day a memorial for the father-of-two.

And last year, Emily spoke about the online harassment she and her family continue to face after continuing on with their lives following her husband’s death.

Emily has been subjected to online abuse since John passed away.
Jones Family Handout

The bereaved wife since went on to remarry, and has had two more children with her new husband.

While Emily's husband may have died over a decade ago, the mother-of-four has been subjected to horrific online trolling on social media.

In posts on her Facebook page, one user commented that 'John was better' when comparing him to her new husband, before they added that if they were John's wife they would have 'never moved on so soon'.

Meanwhile, another comment on her Facebook read: "Is that John on ur profile picture? Or is it another man I’m genuinely confused I swear John passed away."

While another troll on Facebook asked Emily who she will be with when she goes to heaven; John or her now husband.

In an interview with Deseret News, Emily spoke out against the trolling and stood behind her new husband, explaining that it's 'never been hard to talk about John' to her second spouse Donovan Sanchez.

Rescuers tried to rescue Jones from the cave.
The Jones family handout

She said: "It’s never been hard to remember John. Ever since the very beginning, ever since I first met Donovan, he’s been really comfortable with John continuing to be a part of our family and our lives, especially because of our kids.

"He just knows that the kids need to remember their dad so he’s good about wanting to stay in touch with the Joneses and he loves the Joneses."

In recent months, many have come out and defended Emily and her family amid the horrendous comments.

"I hope she does not read these comments… and I hope none of you have to go through what she has in her life," one user said.

They added: "Losing someone is hard enough and going through pregnancy on your own [and] having to look at those kids every day knowing what happened to their dad."

Featured Image Credit: Jones Family Handout

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