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Woman left furious after children don't offer their bus seat to elderly passenger

Woman left furious after children don't offer their bus seat to elderly passenger

The outraged woman was annoyed none of the young passengers offered a seat for her friend who is in her 70s.

Regular users of public transport know that bus etiquette means you usually give up a seat for someone with a disability, pregnant women or the elderly or those who may struggle to stand.

However, one woman online has suggested that these unspoken good manners may be a thing of the past after a recent trip with a friend left her in a complete state of shock.

The woman and her friend - who is in her late seventies but wouldn’t be considered ‘frail’ - took a bus to the beach recently.

The friend walks quite slowly and doesn’t have the best balance, it should be noted.

When the two pals caught the bus for their seaside excursion, the woman thought someone would give her bestie a seat, but she was dumbfounded when no one got up.

The woman said her elderly friend was not offered a seat.
Unsplash/Danie Franco

"We were going to the seaside and as it's the first day of the school holidays there were lots of families with young children on the bus,” the outraged woman shared on Mumsnet.

“Many of the seats occupied by children from toddlers to early teens and absolutely none of them offered her their seat and their parents neither told them to nor offered their own seats.

“Do most people now really think a child should have a seat of their own when there’s someone who needs it more? If so, why?”

She continued: “I realise there will be some children with disabilities/conditions that mean they don't need a seat of their own but most preschool children can sit on their parent’s lap and most children over five can stand for a bus journey can’t they?”

The bus passenger asked Mumsnet if she’s being unreasonable and her post, which was shared on Tuesday (25 July) sparked an interesting debate.

The bus passenger was left in shock when no one offered their seat.
Unsplash/Umair D

When one person asked why she didn’t just ask someone to move, the bus passenger said her friend actually did just that.

“The first family, one adult and three children between about 4 and 12, completely ignored her. My friend obviously then felt embarrassed to have asked," she explained.

"So I asked a different mum with a toddler on the seat next to her if she'd mind putting the toddler in her lap so my friend could sit down. She did it, but with bad grace.”

However, one parent replied: “I wouldn’t allow my children to stand if lots of other able bodied adults could first.”

A third person said people have to be ‘direct’ when asking for a seat: “I think you have to be direct and ask for a seat.

“I have had parents ask their children to offer me their seat on occasion and have always been very impressed when it happens.

Another parent said they would give up their seat but wouldn’t stand while holding a toddler, explaining: “I'd hold my toddler on my lap and get my preteen to stand but I wouldn't give up a seat and stand with a toddler on my hip or hanging on my leg as that wouldn't be safe for them.

Some parents said they wouldn't give up their seat for an elderly passenger if they had a toddler with them.
miljko/Getty Images

"Fine for older kids 7+ or adults to stand but little ones usually need the seat.”

One Mumsnet user had a theory about why no one wanted to give up their seat and it’s all to do with tech.

“Yes older children and young teens should’ve offered definitely - empathy levels have declined in the last 10-15 years since children put down books and picked up smart phones," they said. "So many people are entirely self serving these days."

A person who uses a walking stick also had a an interesting take on the matter, they said: “I would only expect someone who is safely able to stand to give up a seat.

"I need a stick to walk but I wouldn't expect a young child to offer me their seat any more than I'd expect a very elderly person to.”

Featured Image Credit: miljko/Getty Images / Pexels

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