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Bride slammed after asking family to gift her money in note she planned to send after wedding

Bride slammed after asking family to gift her money in note she planned to send after wedding

She's sparked quite the heated discussion

It's clear people aren't afraid of throwing around the term 'Bridezilla' these days and it's been no different for one bride who has clearly set some people off with her request.

The bride in question has since been slammed after asking her loved ones to gift her money in a note she'd planned to send after her 'secret' elopement.

Now, the woman took to the popular wedding shaming Facebook page, That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming, to open up a little more about what she was asking for.

One bride has been called out after asking for money after eloping 'in secret'.
JovanaT / Getty Images

In the post, she explained that she and her hubby-to-be were 'eloping in secret' and were 'sending out announcement cards afterwards'.

She continued: "I wanted to add a QR code that’s linked to a registry or something where they can either buy a gift or give money to go towards the downpayment on our house and add a sentence or two explaining it."

The woman then asked: "How would you go about adding/asking?"

Elsewhere in the post, she also shared a screenshot of the note that she and her fiancé were planning to send out to their close ones following their elopement.

Unsurprisingly, people were far from impressed by her request.

The bride got slammed for her request.
Facebook/That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming

"If you’re eloping in secret, doesn’t that kinda forfeit the ability to get gifts...?" one Facebook user wondered.

A second penned: "My husband and I eloped (not in secret) and expected absolutely nothing from anyone.

"I couldn’t imagine asking for gifts when you didn’t even invite anyone to the wedding."

"So a bill?" a third hit out. "You’re basically sending a bill?"

And talking of controversial brides, one bride-to-be sent a jaw-dropping list of 37 rules that all members of her bridal party had to adhere to - and only six out of her ten bridesmaids agreed to follow it.

Some of this extensive list included:

  1. I will not try to convince the bride to change anything in her wedding
  2. I will not talk negatively about anyone in the wedding.
  3. I will not gain more than 3kg between now and the wedding.
  4. I will wear only black or dark brown hair on the day of the wedding (highlights may be accepted with prior approval).
  5. I cannot wear any lashes the day of the wedding unless professionally installed.
  6. I have to attend the bridal shower and bachelorette party, fitting and rehearsals and wedding (only time this can be missed is death or jail, pregnancy over five months and some sickness with recent doctor's note).
Featured Image Credit: mixetto/Getty Images/Facebook/That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming

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