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Employee has amazing response to boss who tried to cancel their annual leave

Employee has amazing response to boss who tried to cancel their annual leave

He took to TikTok to open up about the saga

A boss' shocking texts trying to cancel his employee's annual leave have been exposed on TikTok - and the worker had the best response to his employer's unreasonable demands.

The 'appalling' text exchange has been shared by Michael Sanz, a business owner and outsourcing expert, to his thousands of followers on TikTok.

Michael read out a series of screenshots between the employee, Noel, and his boss, Nick, starting off the video telling viewers: "You’re not going to believe this message I just got sent." Have a look:

Sanz revealed to it was actually the boss who sent him the texts like 'a badge of honour' because he thought people would be sympathetic to him.

It's fair to say, that's not quite how it turned out - and after getting employee Noel's consent to share the jaw-dropping exchange, Sanz was ready to publicly roast the deluded boss.

The whole ordeal started when Nick texted Noel: "Hi Noel, Jenny has resigned so we need to cancel your leave next week - all hands on deck while we try to replace her. We can push back a few months.

"I've advised HR it's now changed for you. Appreciate your understanding."

Understandably, Noel was totally baffled by the imposing message to which he responded: "Hi Nick. Sorry to hear. I totally appreciate how frustrating this would be to management. But what do you mean you already told HR my leave has changed?

"Unfortunately I can't cancel my leave as it's my brother's wedding in Bali, all flights are paid for and my kids are in the wedding party.

"I did book this in 7 months ago, so cancelling isn't an option. I can help out more until I leave if that helps, but I can't change my leave dates."

And, you'll never guess what the employer hit back with.

Michael Sanz read out screenshots of the shocking text exchange.

Nick had the audacity to then demand Noel reduced his leave to 'fly in fly out' and 'take three days over the weekend then instead of the three weeks'.

To rub salt to the wound, he snarkily added: "Not sure what you can do for three weeks in Bali haha."

I'd be absolutely seething at this point.

Keeping his cool, Noel offered sympathy to the situation, writing: "Hi Nick, I feel terrible that the company is in this position, but I can't cancel or amend.

"It's a family trip, we haven't been together years and I haven't had annual leave in 3 years. It's also no one's business how I spend my leave.

"Can't you get a temp or two? Who did you have to look after my portfolio while I was away? Hope it wasn't Jenny. Either way, you have me until I leave, so I can help out till then."

As if things couldn't get any worse, Nick then snapped back with: "Mate, can't stress enough, your leave is cancelled, we just can't do it. I'm sorry."

Thankfully, Noel stood his ground and excellently expressed his 'shock' and disappointment over the ordeal.

People have rushed to share their outrage over the employer's unprofessional conduct.

The final text in the exchange read: "Hi Nick, I actually don't want to come back to work now. I'm quite shocked at this email.

"I'm going to take my leave earlier and will start from today. While away I will think about if working with a company that doesn't promote boundaries is a place I really want to work at."

He concluded: "I'm also sending this as an email to Aaron and HR as it's totally unreasonable."

Michael captioned the clip: "As a boss, you can’t just cancel your team's leave, especially when it’s booked so far out."

Unsurprisingly, many people were absolutely gobsmacked by the messages with one TikTok user writing: "I'd hand in my resignation."

A second hit out: "100 percent I would have resigned on the spot."

"Business Owner here," penned a third. "Unacceptable by the boss. Not the employee's problem. Enjoy Bali!"

"Something tells me this company is now going to have to hire two new people," added a final TikTok user.

Featured Image Credit: Aleksandr Zubkov/Getty Images/TikTok/@theoutsourcingexpert

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