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Triplet Reveals She Is Four Years Younger Than Her Sisters

Triplet Reveals She Is Four Years Younger Than Her Sisters

"I still get random shivers sometimes."

A 'triplet' has revealed how she is four years younger than her twin sisters.

You can watch her explain in a video below:

In the clip, the woman - who goes by @maximumstrengthpepto on TikTok - explains how she ended up being four years younger than her sisters, adding: "I still get random shivers sometimes."

And people were totally blown away by the woman's story, with many calling it 'insane'.

One person wrote: "WHAT THAT’S COOL."

While another said: "Omg I've literally never thought of that...that's so crazy."

And a third added: "Wow you really were ice ice baby."

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "You legit are from the past."

The woman explained how she is four years younger (

Others shared similar stories, with one person explaining: "My little brother and I were conceived at the same time but he was frozen for 3 years. we call him popcicle baby."

And another added: "Omg same! I have a twin sister and my little sister is 4 years younger."

Others had important questions, such as: "Okay but how does this work from an astrology perspective?"

And: "Would that mean ur four years older than ur age?"

Our minds are blown by this!

People were blown away by the story (

Last year, we told you how one mum said strangers didn't believe her when she told them her two children - born two years apart - are twins.

Jorgey McCarthy, four, and Vinney McCarthy, two, were conceived at the same time, meaning they are non-identical twins.

Parents Rachel McCarthy, 35, and Mac McCarthy, 45 from Cambridgeshire - who underwent IVF - froze half of their created embryos to try and conceive in the future, which explains why the twins have a two year age gap.

"Jorgey and Vinney were from embryos in the same batch, making them non-identical twins even though they were born two years apart," said Rachel

"They definitely have a strong twin bond and don't seem to notice the age difference. They're absolutely inseparable - they're always together and if not they're asking about each other. Their favourite thing to do is have sleepovers in each other's rooms.

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@maximumstrengthpepto

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