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Coach Driver Reveals Hidden Bedroom In Coach

Coach Driver Reveals Hidden Bedroom In Coach

There's no way...

Ali Condon

Ali Condon

The people of TikTok have just had their minds blown after a bus driver revealed that there's a hidden bedroom on-board coaches for long haul trips.

Driver and TikTok creator Joseph Annetts (@josephannetts) told followers that if it appears their coach driver is missing, they're likely "in the hidden bedroom."

People couldn't believe their eyes when Joseph walked down the aisle of the bus to reveal a hidden compartment with a bed inside. Watch the video here:

We've seen toilets on-board coaches, but a whole bedroom is just shocking! Most viewers were understandably taken back by the grand reveal.

"This is actually a thing?" asked one fellow TikToker.

"Omg I genuinely always wondered where coach drivers go when they take people on day trips," admitted a second.

Tagging a friend, another viewer wrote: "Bro I'm gobsmacked"

And a fourth joked: "Planes have the mile high club, coaches have the 1 meter club."

Some viewers were taken aback by just how tiny the coach driver's 'bedroom' was.

It turns out there's a hidden bedroom on board coaches. (

"I'm expecting an en suite with a single bed. But it's a coffin sized cupboard :joy::joy:," wrote one viewer.

A second added: "Bedroom ?? thats a ⚰️".

While a third said: "My claustrophobia would never let me ".

However, others admitted they'd love to try out the cozy bed nook.

"Jokes aside I bet that's ded [sic] comfortable an all," wrote one viewer.

"I'd be sleeping in that 29 hours a day," added another.

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Some viewers think the hidden bed compartment is a little too cozy. (

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