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You Can Now Stay In One Of Britain's Spookiest Homes

You Can Now Stay In One Of Britain's Spookiest Homes

You can now book to stay at Plane Castle, a spooky Scottish castle.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

If you're looking for a spooky night away, we have found the perfect location. You can now stay in one of Britain's most unsettling homes.

Plane Castle, a 14th century building where guests can sleep with axes above their heads, is a popular getaway for those who love thrills.

The castle has been dubbed one of Britain's spookiest homes. (

The castle has been graced by royalty, including Mary Queen of Scots and even Prince Charles.

There are spiral staircases, painted beamed ceilings, rooms with stone vaults and thick walls. It might be spooky but you'll also get some incredible Instagram pictures for your feed whilst staying at Plane Castle.

A Great Hall is located on the first floor, with a medieval fireplace and carved woodwork.

A spiral staircase leads to the second floor, where guests will find the Jacobean room, a Victorian room, an Edwardian room and a twin room.

It boasts a total of seven bedrooms with 14 beds, six bathrooms and a host of old-fashioned fixtures including Jane Seymour portraits.

There are portraits of Jane Seymour to help set the mood. (

The castle, located in the Scottish town of Falkirk, is also a popular space for wedding bookings, with large gardens complete with ponds and a rowing boat.

Stay Close actor Rick Carr recently posted a viral picture on Twitter, revealing his unusual bedroom in the castle. One Twitter user said they were "going to have nightmares" after seeing the snap.

Regular folks can also grace the haunted castle with their presence thanks to Airbnb but it'll cost you a fair amount of money.

Are you brave enough to stay at Plane Castle? (

The listing on the lodging service will set you back about £1,000 per night, if you dare to enter.

The ghoulish interior is made even more unsettling by the castle's rural location and it is split into two buildings which can be rented out separately or together.

There are 14 bedrooms. (

Both the tower, built in 1449 and the manor, built in 1523, can be hired with a minimum booking requirement of three nights which will cost £3,206.

The Airbnb listing describes the property as being "steeped in history" with "character and charm" and provides "a magical yet welcoming and comfortable holiday home."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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