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Woman shares 'creepy' messages she received on flight

Woman shares 'creepy' messages she received on flight

Actor Georgia-May Davis' followers were even more surprised by his method

Australian actor Georgia-May Davis shared creepy messages she received on her recent flight.

Look, we've all had uncomfortable plane rides. Maybe you wore the wrong shoes, and your swollen feet couldn't cope, maybe you got the middle seat and had to jump over strangers to go for a wee, but Georgia-May's recent experience might be one of the most uncomfortable we've ever seen.

The actor shared her experience on TikTok with the caption "you lost me at 'Chad'," she proceeded to share footage of a fellow passenger trying his hardest to pull.

And in absolute disbelief at the interaction Georgia-May said, "there's no way this happened on my flight" before sharing just how "Chad" in seat 4C started DM'ing her on the inflight system.

We weren't aware you could use the little screen on the back of your seat for anything over than watching 90s rom-coms but, hey, you learn something new every day.

Chad clearly hadn't watched any of those rom-com classics though, because he opened the conversation with a sub-par "hru?"

Calm down Chad in 4C.

Georgia-May responded by saying "lol good" and you'd think he'd get the message, but Chad in 4C is not a quitter.

And proceeded to send a pretty creepy follow-up, asking "where u stayin," when Georgia-May didn't reply, because why on earth would she, Chad added "I'm tryna hit."

Yep, the three words nobody wants to hear from Chad in 4C.

Of course, people were quick to comment on TikTok, with one user saying: "You can get 40,000ft off the ground but their audacity stays gassed wth Hahahahhaah."

Another couldn't help but wonder what the rest of row 4 thought: "Thinking about the person next to him watching him type this."

Ex Chad also didn't get the message.

Others actually praised Chad, saying: "He shot his shot," however we'd argue that asking a stranger where they're staying is more creepy than cute though.

Hilariously, her run-ins with Chads didn't stop there, because after seeing the TikTok, one of her exes, also called Chad, decided to get back in touch.

Ex Chad said: "Hey! Been a minute... Saw your TikTok! I know it's about me, pls delete. It's not funny Georgia-May. Thx!"

Georgia-May cleared up that the TikTok wasn't about him, saying: "For context: once the seat chat tiktok with a random Chad on the plane went viral, my EX BF Chad messaged me after 2 years of not speaking."

And we're hoping that's the very last Georgia-May hears from any Chad.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/georgiamaydavis TikTok/georgiamaydavis

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