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Woman records date accusing her of ‘wanting a free meal’ after she doesn’t let him come back

Shola Lee

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Woman records date accusing her of ‘wanting a free meal’ after she doesn’t let him come back

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

A TikToker recorded her date after the pair disagreed with the bill, which led him to accuse her of wanting a 'free meal'.

Check out the heated date here:


Look, working out who's paying can be a minefield, do you go dutch? Does the guy pay? Do you run out of the restaurant to save things from getting awkward and never go there again?

Who knows, but what you probably shouldn't do is argue about it at the table.

Still, that's what Talisa was forced to do when her date accused her of trying to scam a free meal.

Recording her date and sharing it to TikTok, the content creator captioned the post "dating in 2022 be like..."

In the video, we hear the date wrap up as Talisa says: "Well, I really appreciate it.

What do you think of this? Credit: @talisa0913/TikTok
What do you think of this? Credit: @talisa0913/TikTok

"Should I cover my half for sure? All thank you so much. It was delicious. But I'm going to probably head up because it's late. I have to get up early in the morning."

The guy then asks if he can walk her up to her hotel room, to which Talisa says no because she's not sure if the hotel would allow someone that's not a guest in that late, which is when the guy makes his accusation

Talisa responds by saying: "First off, I have no problem paying for my own bill to avoid something like this."

The guy then tells her to pay for her half of the bill, to which she responds: "are you serious? You're coming out a****** like I have no problem."

And, it's safe to say people were firmly backing Talisa in this situation.

One person commented: "This is EXACTLY why I pay for my own meal on the first date!!!!! I don't want any man to think that I owe him even so much as a hug!!!!"

Would you pay your half? Credit: @talisa0913/TikTok
Would you pay your half? Credit: @talisa0913/TikTok

While another added: "The fact that she even recorded means that he was being sus before this interaction…"

A third offered their own advice for the situation: "To avoid this in future, from my experience, ask the server for separate checks while placing your order. Insist."

While a fourth shared their own interaction and honestly, we didn't need to hear this: "I had a guy tell me once, when I offered to pay, “you can pay me in other ways” ….um I would rather pay for my meal."

What would you do in this situation? Would you pay your half?

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Shola Lee
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