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Woman slammed for being ungrateful after given £23 to spend on lunch

Woman slammed for being ungrateful after given £23 to spend on lunch

Apparently she usually spends nearly £80 on lunch.

A woman has taken to TikTok to ask people for their thoughts after a potential suitor sent her money to buy herself lunch.

As a kind gesture, the unnamed guy asked for her details and fired over the cash so she could treat herself.

But she wasn't pleased about the amount she received.

"I just knew I was going to open my cash app and I was going to have at least $100," TikToker Ary Nicole explained.

"That's how much I spend on my food. I open my cash app and this man has sent me $30."

The TikToker was expecting at least $100.

She went on to question: "What did you think I was going to eat? When I go and eat, I eat four course meals. [...] That can't even get me two drinks."

Ary then shared that the guy said he wanted to get her know her more, but she wasn't interested in light of the $30 (£23) he had sent her.

You can hear what she had to say below, but be warned there's quite a bit of strong language:

She proceeded to ask her followers if she was in the wrong for being mad about the amount given to her, and people didn't hold back.

"It’s giving ungrateful…. Send it back then," one person urged her as they replied to the video.

"$30 for lunch is more than enough," added another, while a third went on: "Some people be so entitled it’s sick."

"Yes $30 from a complete stranger was more than enough especially for lunch," insisted a different social media user.

Ary has since responded to the criticism she received and insisted that he was the one to slide into her DMs and was apparently flashing his cash.

"Clearly he felt like he needed to send videos of money to get my attention, so there should be no issue in sending $100," she said.

Elsewhere, Ary said that it's 'cool' that some of her followers' are happy spending $5 or $10 on lunch.

She shared the photos of the guy flashing his cash.

In a separate TikTok, she actually showed the photos of the guy holding stacks of cash and a message from him saying he wanted to spoil her.

"He started with money so no, I'm not going to accept $30 b***h when you came into my DMs unwarranted," Ary went on.

She's since turned off all her comments on most of her posts.

Do you think she was right to be mad about only getting $30 from the guy?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@chocolateeary

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