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Woman's Request For Lip Balm During Labour Goes Horribly Wrong

Woman's Request For Lip Balm During Labour Goes Horribly Wrong

Oh dear.

A woman's request for lip balm during labour took an unexpected turn when her boyfriend stepped in to help.

TikToker @alisasilva took to the video sharing platform to explain how doctors and midwives thought she was having an allergic reaction - but really, it was just the result of an unfortunate mix-up.

You can watch the video below:

And other users found the video hilarious, with many wondering how the boyfriend managed to get the product all over her chin, too.

The woman explained: "It was one of those moments where my lips were so crusty dusty that I wanted it all over my lips and around my mouth".

Another person commented: "Ahhh, men."

The woman shared her story on TikTok (

While a third said: "My husband would have done the exact same thing guaranteed."

And a fourth wrote: "I was about to say is that eczema? My mouth breaks out like that when I get stressed or my allergies flare! You’re lucky it’s just lip gloss!"

The boyfriend in question also took to the comments to defend himself, writing: "I tried my best."

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