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Woman Who Dyed Her Dog Red Responds To Backlash

Woman Who Dyed Her Dog Red Responds To Backlash

Chloe opts to have her Great Pyrenees, Dandy, dyed a vibrant colour.

We all love to show off our dogs when they’re freshly groomed, and Chloe is no exception.

The TikToker, who posts from the handle @danthebigreddog, takes to social media to show off her uniquely coloured Great Pyreenes pup named Dandy.

You can see Dandy in action below.

While Dandy appears to be happy and healthy in all the clips shared to the video platform, many have taking umbrage to the fact Chloe chooses to dye Dandy red.

Some have even gone as far as accuse Chloe of ‘animal abuse’.

Instead, Chloe has explained the reasons as to why she chooses to dye her dog red.

She adds that she uses the dog-friendly Opawz Dog Hair Dye, a pooch-appropriate non-toxic fur dye that actually makes Dandy’s fur soft and fluffy.

Dandy loves being dyed (
TikTok - danthebigreddog)

The Opawz products, which are available online, last for more than 20 washes.

"Long-lasting permanent colour specially formulated for dog and horse,” the website reads. “Provides bright, fashionable and unique colour results."

And many said that as long as Chloe was responsible in dyeing her pet safely, there’s no reason why she shouldn’t dye her dog.

Her TikTok video, which now boasts 45 million views and 6.1 likes, saw many people say how much seeing Dandy brightens their day.

Dandy is popular online (
TikTok - danthebigreddog)

“For anyone wondering, they make dogs safe dyes that are plant-based so it’s safe for them to have on their coat/ingested,” one person wrote.

“The red is so beautiful,” said another fan.

“[Dye] is all good as long as it’s safe and doesn’t hurt them,” a third viewer said.

“As a vegan who thinks animals are not toys I think this is adorable,” a fourth agreed. “You have good reasons and also he looks so happy and healthy.”

You can see the adventures of Dandy the Big Red Dog here.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok - danthebigreddog

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