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Woman shares simple tip after giving the 'best interview of her life'

Woman shares simple tip after giving the 'best interview of her life'

It's a simple question, but answering it differently could make your interview better

A woman has shared her answer to a common interview question and says she’ll be using it in every interview she has now because it gave her the ‘best’ interview of her life.

Check out her job-hunting tip in the video below:

The answer was shared by a tech sales career consultant who goes by @techsalesgal on TikTok.

She realised that she was being asked similar questions in a lot of interviews, so decided to attack the answer in a slightly different way.

Apparently, this was a stroke of ‘genius’.

She’s certainly keen on it, then.

In a short clip on TikTok, she explained: “I just gave the best interview of my life and I will be doing this for all interviews as long as I live.”

The question that she was asked was simple - the interview had just begun and the interviewer asked to hear a bit more about her.

It gave her the 'best' interview she'd ever done.

It’s a fairly stock question, but the answer can be a tough one.

Do you tell them why you want the job? How about what you do in your spare time? Should you explain why you have left your previous job, or want to leave it?

Well, this time she decided to take a different approach.

She explained how usually she’d say something to the effect of ‘Hi, I’m Liz, born and raised in Southern California moved to Boston 7 years ago, broke into tech sales 5 years ago…’

Liz continued: “And then I kind of one by one go through each company on my resume and because I’ve job hopped a lot, I feel like it opens the door for conversations I don’t wanna have.”

This is where her stroke of genius comes in.

She explained: “So I did something new today,

“I said, ‘I am happy to share anything about myself during this interview. I do want to know, though, what you’re most interested in learning about me?

‘Because it really varies from person to person and company to company, what they’re looking to hear, and since we only have 30 minutes, I want to make sure I’m telling you what’s most important to you.’”

So, will you be trying it?

Wow - turned the table on them there.

Apparently, in this interview, the person in charge looked impressed and moved onto something else that was a bit more specific.

That meant that they could discuss the nuts and bolts of the job she was applying for, whilst also meaning that the ‘ugly’ parts of her career weren’t immediately up for discussion.

“I also just think it’s such a good question because it’s a pattern interruption where you’re like, ‘I’m happy to talk about myself but what do you wanna learn?'” she said.

“And that is also how you should think about selling, right?”

In the end, it seems as if it worked anyway, because the TikToker later said she’d been offered a job with ‘over $200,000 on target earnings’ meaning she’d get that amount for hitting targets.

Not bad, if you can hit that target.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / Tero Vesalainen / Alamy Stock Photo

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