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Clubber Mortified As UV Lights Show Up Her 'Granny Pants'

Clubber Mortified As UV Lights Show Up Her 'Granny Pants'

TikToker Rhia, was left embarrassed after flaunting her rather large knickers to the world under the club's UV lights.

A woman was left red faced after wearing "granny pants" to the club, only for the UV lights to flash and show them off to the world.

Rhia Adams, 26, said she wore the knickers underneath her glam clubbing outfit because "comfort" was the only thing on her mind.

But she was left red-faced when she realised the lights in the Crafty Scholar bar in Lancaster lit up her pants for all the revellers around her to see.

Rhia, from Salford, Greater Manchester, said: “Me and my girlfriend Chelsie decided to take a last minute night away and ended up having a few drinks to end our day. 

“To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive before I went out as I hadn’t been out very much because of lockdown and I was a tad nervous about the restrictions being lifted. 

“I haven’t dressed up in so long I didn’t even think, I just went for comfort.”

Rhia wore the knickers for comfort under her dress (
Triangle News)

 “I was just sitting there singing away taking a few pictures when Chelsie pointed out that my underwear was glowing up under the UV light!"

Discussing how she dealt with the mishap, Chelsie said that while she was initially cringing her friends soon talked her round.

“I felt so embarrassed and instantly wanted to leave but I quickly found the funny side of it and decided to make a TikTok about it!," she said.

Rhia's knickers completely lit up (
Triangle News)

Rhia, a special needs teaching assistant, received 615.6K views after posting the clip on the video sharing platform, as well as more than 60,000 comments.

One cheeky user commented: “Chuck ‘em in your purse - sorted.”

As another penned: “Granny pants are the best, comfiest things ever.”

Rhia managed to laugh at the situation (
Triangle News)

A fellow TikToker sympathised: “This has just made my morning!! Something like that would happen to me.”

As a fourth quipped: “Why the hell is this so relatable?”

We reckon she pulls it off, to be honest!

Featured Image Credit: Triangle

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