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Woman Texts Dead Sister's Phone Number And Receives Cold Text Back

Woman Texts Dead Sister's Phone Number And Receives Cold Text Back

The woman was shocked when she received the response.

A woman who texted her sister's phone after she had passed away has told how she received an "insensitive" response from a business who had taken on the number.

TikToker Faith Sidman - who goes by the username @faithsidman1 - took to the platform to share a clip of the message exchange, writing: "At least i got to see her name pop up on my phone one last time."

You can watch the clip below:

People were shocked at the message, with many commenting that the business had been "insensitive" in its response.

One person wrote: “'I’m sorry for your loss, but this is a business line now.' Would’ve done just fine. There’s a space between professional and still being kind."

And another said: "You literally said you wouldn’t text anymore.. why is showing empathy so hard for some ppl like how don’t they feel bad about themselves."

The woman had been texting her sister's phone (

And a third added: "Bro even if I owned a business I wouldn’t care. If anyone asks just be like 'oh that’s faith. She texts us sometimes. Just leave her be'."

While a fourth wrote: "I’m so sorry to hear about your sister 💔 i think that’s a pretty disgraceful response from that business owner, or any decent human being in general."

And a fifth said: "Why would someone be that cold, if they didn’t want you texting why didn’t they just ignore the message and put it on mute."

People called the business 'insensitive' (

While some people defended the business, one person pointed out: "How are yall justifying the other person? kindness is free. that was just insensitive to reply like that after she agreed not to text anymore."

Faith later added: "Y’all are missing the point of this video. I’m not MAD at the ‘business’. I’m SAD I saw her name pop up on my phone and this was the text, & that I lost my outlet."

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