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Teenage girl says estranged father wants to give her name to his new baby

Teenage girl says estranged father wants to give her name to his new baby

A teenage girl revealed how her estranged father wanted to give his newborn the exact same name as her.

A teenage girl has claimed that her estranged father wants to give her name to his new baby daughter.

While naming a later child the same name as a previous one is common if that older child is tragically no longer with us, it is not exactly prevalent if the older one is still very much around.

However, a then 18-year-old named Roseanne, believed to be from the US, has revealed how her father planned to name his imminent baby Roseanne, too.

Taking to Reddit's Am I The A**hole? forum two years ago, Roseanne revealed how she has her father's surname, meaning that she and the baby would have the exact same name.

Starting off the post, Roseanne explained how she has never had a close relationship with her dad, and that her parents didn't want to have children.

Roseanne explained how her father had not been around for most of her life (stock photo).
Chris Rout / Alamy Stock Photo

She went on to explain how he was never really in her life until last year, and how she is currently staying with him.

Roseanne continued: "My dad has a new wife, and I met her last year, we don't really like each other.

"Now she is pregnant, the baby will be born in June around my birthday."

Unlike with her, Roseanne explained how her dad was 'super excited' about the baby arrival, with his wife wanting to name the baby Roseanne because her favourite flowers are roses.

But as you'd expect, Roseanne was not fond of the idea in the slightest and had suggested other names for the baby to the couple.

She claimed that her step mum called her 'selfish', while her dad apparently thought that she should be more mature and to not 'gatekeep a name'.

In a follow-up post, Roseanne said that she felt her father was trying to replace her by giving his newborn her exact name.

Roseanne said she thought her father was trying to replace her by giving the newborn the same name.
Denis Rozhnovsky / Alamy Stock Photo

She wrote: "I do feel like he is trying to replace me, her birthday will also be close to mine but I also feel like maybe I'm being too sensitive over the situation.

"Hopefully I'll move in with my girlfriend soon so I won't have to live with him."

Unfortunately, Roseanne's Reddit account has since been suspended, so we will never know if the father went ahead with the exact name.

Nevertheless, people took to the comments on the original Reddit post to sympathise with her.

"It would be unfair to both you and the baby to have the same exact name," one person said.

A second added: "Is this for real? If they do this your relationship should be over. It’s extremely disrespectful."

Meanwhile, a third remarked: "They are going out of their way to symbolically displace you, which is disrespectful and cruel."

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