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Woman Told Off By Son's Teacher For Inappropriate Name For Dog

Woman Told Off By Son's Teacher For Inappropriate Name For Dog

The mum was scolded by the preschool educator for their puppy’s moniker, but it turns out it was all a misunderstanding.

A woman has shared her shock after she was confronted by her son’s preschool teacher over their dog’s name.

The mum was scolded by the educator for their puppy’s moniker, who deemed it 'extremely inappropriate', but it turns out it was all a misunderstanding and partly down to their little one’s inability to pronounce his ‘T’s’.

The woman’s nephew took to Reddit on her behalf and shared: "My auntie and uncle just recently got an adorable puppy and everyone was trying to help them come up with names, as they hadn't thought of one before adopting.

A woman has shared the moment she was scolded by a teacher over her dog's name.

"Everybody thought it was adorable. What could go wrong with such a nice name?

"Well, my auntie and uncle happen to have a 20-month-old son and a few days after naming the dog, they got some complaints from his preschool teacher.

"It turns out their son can't pronounce the 't' sound well enough, and so when he talked about his new puppy, he referred to him as 'f***er' or simply 'f***'."

After explaining the mix up, the mother and teacher came up with a nickname, Spot because he is a Dalmatian, that her son could call their new furry addition.

Despite their best efforts, the nearly two-year-old is still hilariously and unintentionally shouting expletives at the dog in public.

The dog got a nickname called Spot.

The nephew added: "My auntie still has embarrassing moments at the dog park - such as my little cousin yelling "Come here you silly f***er!" or 'f***ing Spot' when trying to address the dog.

"But normally people have a good laugh once she explains the situation so 'it's all good' according to her".

And it wasn’t only the woman’s nephew who saw the funny side but a plethora of Reddit users, who shared their own stories of their children mixing up the 't' and 'f' sounds.

One user shared: "So funny. My son at about that age was asking for a fork but kept saying f*** at a large football party. Thank goodness they all laughed."

"I loved my childhood dog named Tucker - it's a great name for a dog," another commented.

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