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Drivers warned not to leave sunglasses in the car

Drivers warned not to leave sunglasses in the car

Doing so could set the whole thing ablaze

Drivers have been advised against leaving their sunglasses in the car after a very unsettling warning photo made its rounds on social media.

The shocking photo has shown just how much damage can come as a result of doing something as simple as leaving your shades unattended after one driver's vehicle interior completely melted away in the British summertime heat.

The blaze totally destroyed the car from the inside out and even liquified some of the engine bay.

Drivers should think twice before using their specs in their car when it's sunny.
JH Photo / Alamy Stock Photo

As Brits arm themselves with SPF, picnic blankets and all the components for a proper good Pimms, it's clear there's one summer essential we should all quite literally keep an eye on.

As the heat really cranks up a notch - or five - it's clear many of us will be dusting off our shades with temperatures set to soar to a staggering height in the next few weeks to come.

However, be sure to stick those specs in the glove compartment or keep them on person next time you head off for the park, beach or pub as officials have since issued a statement on the dangers attached to leaving them unsupervised to bake in a tin can car oven.

The fire department has issued a warning to drivers.

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service were called to investigate an incident over the weekend (27 May) at around 5.05pm in Nuthall.

A fire engine from Stockhill also arrived at the scene where a car's window, dashboard and steering wheel had been melded together after roasting in the sun all day.

The glass windows had been smashed and left with an extremely chargrilled tinge of black and brown.

The Fire and Rescue Service has since warned drivers about leaving particular objects in their cars when it's sunny out.

The statement was released to the fire department's official Twitter page reading: "The sun has been strong but beware this can cause fire.

The car's interior completely melted in the heat.
Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue

"Earlier we attended a fire caused by sunglasses left on the dashboard. Make sure you keep reflective objects out of direct sunlight."

The post has since clocked up nearly 20k views with many drivers totally shocked that a measly pair of specs could cause such damage.

One Twitter user posted: "Never knew that! Thanks!"

Another wrote: "Good information, looks nasty. Well done on giving out a warning and attending the fire."

So, next time you nip out the car for full-day beach affair or rock up to your pal's house for a BBQ - be sure to pop those sunnies on your head or, at the very least, out of the sun's rays.

Featured Image Credit: JH Photo / Alamy Stock Photo / Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue

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