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Student from world's most prestigious Nanny school explains what it's like to be 'Real life Mary Poppins'

Student from world's most prestigious Nanny school explains what it's like to be 'Real life Mary Poppins'

At Norland College, students are taught everything from sewing to self-defence

A student from the world's most prestigious nanny school has revealed what it's like to learn to be a 'real life Mary Poppins'.

Matilda Norland goes through rigorous training at Norland College, a place so notorious its graduates are called 'Norlanders' or 'Norland Nannies'.

Once completed, the students go on to look after the children of some of the richest people in the world, including celebs and royalty.

The 23-year-old started studying at the college in September 2020 and is in her third year of training.

With 18 months left to go, it's safe to say that the curriculum is jam-packed, teaching everything from sewing to cyber security training.

Matilda is a Norland Nanny in training.

Matilda, from near Worcester, explained: "We have such a diverse amount of training.

"It ranges from learning how to make baby a bath and formulas, to child drama and then the crazy stuff like skid pan training and self-defence.

"Being a part of the Norland brand does entail a lot more than a normal university. You have a lot more responsibilities for how you project yourself to the world.

"Everything you do has a repercussion for Norland, and it's gone 130 years with a phenomenal reputation, so I feel privileged to do that."

She added: "Norland Nannies are so in demand, even now when jobs are so hard to get, there's multiple places per student.

"You get to be part of something bigger, which I really love."

The study at Norland consists of regular studying as well as 1,200 hours of placements.

Once graduated, they receive a BA (Hons) degree in Early Childhood Education and Care and the prestigious Norland diploma.

Matilda says the curriculum is very diverse, ranging from making a baby a bath to self defence.

It costs £15,740 per year for tuition, although Norland Nannies will earn an average of £40,000 in their first years, with salaries rising to up to £100,000 depending on their experience and the role.

Matilda added: "We split the course so we have two days for the Norland diploma, and two days where it's for the degree.

"The degree is very science based, like we have brain development lectures where we can see how children's brains are working.

"We learn about how raising children has changed throughout the years with evolution of pedagogical approaches and supporting theories, and how it is a far cry from the traditions we saw in the past.

"Combining all this has made me realise it truly does take a village to raise a child.

"Then our diploma is the practical side of things, like sewing and food nutrition.

"We cover amazing topics with guest lecturers coming in to talk about everything from neuroscience of child development, through to adopting anti-discriminatory practice and most recently creative emotionally supportive environments for children through emotion coaching.

"Then you have all your baby things where you learn about topping and tailing, baby formulas and how to make up a cot or pram.

"We even have self defence lessons every year too."

She decided to pursue a career as a nanny after working as one part-time.

The student, who is the deputy head of students, came to the college after dropping out of an Environmental Geophysics degree at the University of East Anglia.

She had been working part-time as a nanny and decided she wanted to pursue it as a career.

Matilda finished by saying: "We put a lot of weight on academic these days, but I'm really glad I made the change. I love every day, I've never been happier.

"It can be daunting for anyone going to apply, but Norland are so supportive and helpful the whole way through.

"I'd say to anyone considering it to just go for it."

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